SCHIZONOIA by Pieter W. Broekharst

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Schizonoia tells the story of when 15-year-old Marin sees his father die on the football field from a cardiac arrest, acquiring a trauma that hounds him later in life.

Schizonoia is a novel.

Not a psychiatric-scientific dissertation.

When Marin is 15 years old, he sees his father die on the football field from a cardiac arrest. This trauma causes psychosis and pursuit delusions in later life, which makes madness events as blood-curdling reality. He creates his own reality, and the contact with reality is then lost for a short time. When Marin’s dominant mother seeks refuge from a deeply believing church community after the sudden death of his non-believer father, Marin decides to live independently. When Marty comes to live next door to him, a serious relationship develops with her, which slowly but surely brings him into more balance. But first Marin still has a long way to go with a series of terrifying experiences. Psychoses do not always cause events of a bizarre nature. But it’s possible!

And that tells “Schizonoia“.


Author: Pieter Wouter Broekharst

My opinion:

I thought it would be a really tough book to read. But I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, the vivid descriptions of the family history and the psychoses were snappy. But the many puns and the ingenious playing with words make the book a great read.

Because I myself go through more or less the same as Marin, I could empathize with all my heart and soul in his delusions and hallucinations. I looked through Marin’s eyes when he felt the fear and lived through the moments. I felt it in every fiber of my body. Yet nowhere became unbearable or impossible to do. It also gives me hope and comfort and was able to refute a lot in myself. Besides a lot of raw and intense elements, the story also contains love, hope, comfort and gives people who go through the same many insights. It is also nice that not the appearance of a person is central, but the inner life. That every person he or she stands for or adheres to may be there in his or her own way.

You go on a journey through the deepest depths of the human brain. You feel the cold sweat yourself, you shiver when you experience the delusions and hallucinations with the main character. You are often amazed so can this really arise in someone’s head? You quickly develop a deep bond with the main character. Just like with the other characters. This is because the characters are very visual and well developed. This makes the story come alive. You are never bored and want to read the book in one go.

Conclusion: I give this book 5 stars. I am happy that I was able to read this book.

I would recommend this book to everyone. It’s a story about life. Not a heavy book about psychoses, delusions or hallucinations. But an easily readable book with a lot of hope. The light in the darkness. Hope in the form of new people in your life. Soulmates for life. Together makes you stronger. Provides peace, charity and regularity.

In my work in district nursing, I often come into contact with psychosis-sensitive people, and they tell me what they experience in their psychosis. When a publisher asked me to write a short horror story for a collection, I took such an experience as a basis. As I was working on the subject, the story got longer and longer and I decided to turn it into a novel. I wrote a different story for that publisher. Conversations showed that people with psychosis in the media are referred to as criminals or terrorists, making them struggle to talk about their experiences and fears. To tell a wide audience that these “patients” are suffering from mental illness, I wrote SCHIZONOIA, hoping to generate more understanding for them. Because I wanted to reach as many readers as possible, I translated this novel into English. 

About myself: I was born on May 1, 1943 in Maassluis, The Netherlands, in a village along the canal from the North Sea to the port of Rotterdam.

From my childhood I wrote short stories and poems, which were sometimes published in collections. Because I started working less in 2019, 1 shift a day, I had more time to work on novels. In addition to SCHIZONOIA, I wrote and write fictional crime stories, three of which I translated into English and published with Amazon’s KDP.

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