Sausage Dogs: Why People Adore Dachshunds So Much!

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In Treats & Tales, a story of a dog and her friends by Rotha J. Dawkins, readers get to follow the adventures of Lil Red, a lovable little Dachshund on the run.

If you have ever had dogs before, Rotha J. Dawkins’ story of a dog and her friendsTreats & Tales, will be a wonderful addition to your library. Not only does the book follow the tale of fun-loving hounds, but it’s also a loving ode to the Dachshund, who is best embodied in Treats & Tales’ main character, Lil Red, a bubbly and adventurous Dachshund, who has the world underneath her paws.

All About Sausage Dogs

Bred in Germany many years ago, the Dachshund was first bred to be an ace hunter of badgers. That’s where the name comes from, with the German words Dach and Hund, which respectively mean “badger” and “dog.” Dachshunds generally come in three varieties, smooth-coated, wire-coated, and long-coated. 

These sausage-shaped dogs have short but firm legs that let them dig through their prey’s burrows. Larger sausage dogs could even be used when hunting deer or foxes. Other than badgers, Dachshunds also hunted hares and ferrets. 

While their roles as hunting aids have largely diminished, Dachshunds can still be found accompanying farmers and hunters in Europe. 

Why People Adore Dachshunds So Much

Dachshunds are some of the more popular and loveable dog breeds out there. Sometimes affectionately called sausage dogs for their peculiar shape, Dachshunds are small and cute and very, very warm to their owners and family members. Their long body and short legs are also one of the reasons why they make very adorable pets. 

Here are just a few reasons why people adore Dachshunds–these sausage dogs–so much:

  • Dachshunds are loyal. Although some might not expect much from such small dogs, Dachshunds can be incredibly protective of the people they have formed bonds with. Fearless and always up for the challenge, their small sizes belie a startling ferocity and a surprising persistence. Affectionate and always open to cuddling, Dachshunds make for wonderful companions.
  • Dachshunds are playful. As befitting their petite frames and energetic personalities, Dachshunds are extremely frisky and always up for a game of fetch or just a simple trot around the neighborhood. These dogs can be so enthusiastic that their elation can easily infect the people around them. With Dachshunds, your frown quickly turns upside down, and everywhere they go, they are always the center of attention. Coupled with their playfulness is also a shock of intelligence and a willingness to learn new tricks every time.
  • Dachshunds are brave. Because of their origins as hunters, Dachshunds are quite courageous, tenacious, and fearless, able to face down any threat they come across, especially in defense of their owners. Hidden inside their compact bodies is a big heart and an almost limitless valor.
  • Dachshunds are adaptable. While Dachshunds might find better comfort in the cooler climes of northern Europe, they are able to thrive in just about any environment they find themselves in, from small narrow apartments to large sprawling estates. Although rambunctious and playful, Dachshunds find happiness in either lazing about all day or zooming around the yard. They are also really great with kids and other animals, making them quite sociable animals. They are a wonderful addition to any family and household.
  • Dachshunds are loveable. Charming and impossible to resist, Dachshunds are simply filled with boundless energy that draws everyone. Everyone wants to befriend Dachshunds, and they are happy to return the favor. Eager to please and make their owners happy, sausage dogs also have a very remarkable sense of humor and a streak for mischief that will have anyone occupied and entertained for hours. 

With all these traits, Dachshunds are simply and truly one of a kind. If you are thinking of getting one, you’ll have a better, more enjoyable life; it’ll be as if Lil Red herself was with you.


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