The San Diego RM Book Confab Closes Out in a Hurrah!

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After ReadersMagnet found themselves in San Diego, the month of August is now coming to a close, and the San Diego RM Book Confab was a resounding success!

Remaining always steadfast in their quest for success and excellence, ReadersMagnet (RM) recently finished its much anticipated San Diego RM Book Confab held at 655 Broadway last August 20. From Tribeca, San Francisco, and now, San Diego, the RM Book Confab has found success after success! 

ReadersMagnet has always been committed to its vision of letting everyone’s stories be heard across the globe by highlighting its talented roster of storytellers, novelists, poets, and writers. 

What Is The ReadersMagnet Book Confab?

Researched thoroughly and cooked carefully in the conference rooms, production floors, and brainstorming sessions of ReadersMagnet, the Book Confab is RM’s dedication brought to the forefront. Through a series of events of excellent quality, they are providing their authors with a great experience by connecting them with exceptional opportunities and platforms while offering a personalized service that seeks to convey their creative vision as best as humanly possible.

The Book Confab by ReadersMagnet is a guaranteed opportunity for writers of all stripes to have the opportunity to fully put their creativity and stories on display, establishing their brand to a wider audience and creating rapport with hundreds of readers in the cities where the events are hosted and a thousand more online who will be watching!

Closing with a Hurrah!

Recently, ReadersMagnet in San Diego capped off its August activities with the San Diego Book Confab. The whole event was abuzz with excitement and inspiration.

The authors, which included Hope Raymond, Sharon Arrindell, George Heath, Stephen Redic, and more, shared impactful insights into their writing process, sources of inspiration, and personal stories about their journey to success. Everyone was captivated by the charisma shown on stage, clamoring for more; there was an obvious passion in the author’s voices regarding their craft that was oh so contagious and will certainly leave an impression that’s going to last for a long, long time. Some authors were even gracious enough to read to the audience excerpts from their latest books, bringing out the words vividly and setting them to life as if you were actually there.

The Book Confab is a testament to ReadersMagnet’s dedication to its readers and authors and a shining example of how the power of literature can touch the lives of people, readers, writers, and everyone in between.

There is no doubt that attendees left the venue inspired, motivated, and just plain hopeful to pursue their creative endeavors or simply to learn more about the authors who spoke and the subjects that they were deeply passionate about.

The success stories of the authors, who were from ReadersMagnet and the ones who were invited to speak on the podium, were moving and encouraging, showing that everyone has what it takes if only they moved toward it with deliberation, dedication, and attention. Despite numerous rejections, setbacks, and obstacles on their way, the enthusiasm and perseverance that the authors had for their craft and the hard work they put into making it shows that you really need to put in the time and effort.

The overwhelming successes that ReadersMagnet has had with their Book Confabs is a stark reminder that it is quite important to support local bookstores and authors. Literature brings people together: it is a bridge that fills in the gaps that personal differences make and is an inspiration for change, and ReadersMagnet is extremely proud to be part of a movement facilitating that exchange and expression of ideas.

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