Rules for Writing Historical Fiction

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Rules for Writing Historical Fiction

Ray Sobrino’s Esther and the Revolution is a historical fiction book about Esther, a young woman from a tiny town in central Mexico who is trying to escape a war-torn nation in pursuit of safety and happiness. It emphasizes the rich history of Mexico and makes mention of major historical figures who shaped it. Belonging to a Mexican heritage, Ray Sobrino intended for Esther and the Revolution to be an educational but fun book.

Aside from Esther and the Revolution, there are plenty of other historical fiction books out there. Historical fiction, in essence, is a literary genre containing plots that take place in settings located in the past. It combines elements of both fact and fiction. Writing historical fiction can be arduous and daunting. You do not only need to be creative in narrating your story, but you also have to be precise or accurate when it comes to the historical details or elements that you use.

Nonetheless, for those who are planning to write and publish historical fiction books, the intricacy and particularity of the genre should not intimidate you too much. You only need to be acquainted with the rules for historical fiction to be able to come up with an accurate and beautiful historical fiction story. Here are some of them:

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