Rorkk’s Captive (Rotari Warriors Book 1) by Amanda LaBrooy

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The first novel in my Chrystaverse Chronicles Series is – Rorkk’s Captive – Rotari Warriors Book 1. It follows Rorkk, an Admiral from the Planet Rotari and Aurora, an Aerospace Engineer from Earth. Overall, I wanted to create a space opera that combines heart-pounding action, exhilarating adventure, alien civilisations, interstellar conflict and high-stakes missions. While the action takes centre stage, the characters are drawn into a relationship that adds depth and emotional tension to the plot.

Rorkk is a Rotari Admiral who has defended his planet against Krylan invasion for most of his adult life. Shattered by his former fiancé’s betrayal and tired of defending a planet under siege, his spirit is almost broken until intelligence is received that the Krylans are targeting an Earth woman for her unique genome to enhance their Nzumbe troops. Seizing the opportunity to thwart the Krylans and obtain important intelligence, Rorkk embarks on a risky mission to ensure the Earthling does not fall into the wrong hands.

Instead of finding her dream job on Aero Space Nine with the Galactic Trading Academy, Aurora discovers her role as Chief Engineer, Spacecraft Maintenance embroils living and working on a rust bucket plagued by mechanical problems, ageing maintenance droids and a crew of oddball geeks just out of school. After surviving a micro meteor storm that compromises the space station and brings the crew to the brink of disaster, Aurora visits Robodome, an off-world pleasure centre, to unwind. Aurora’s life changes overnight when she is kidnapped. One minute she’s about to enjoy the delights of her assigned pleasure bot, the next, she finds herself locked in a cabin on an alien spacecraft.

With a journey threatening everything they believe about themselves and enemies at every turn, Rorkk and Aurora must join forces to defeat the enemy.


A few years ago, I found myself searching for compelling reading material, yet struggling to find anything that truly piqued my interest. So I began documenting ideas simmering in the recesses of my mind, with no clear direction. It was simply an enjoyable pastime—an escape from the pressures of the corporate world and the responsibilities of managing our three short-stay accommodation venues!

These ideas gradually transformed into fragments of notes hastily scribbled on scraps of paper, tucked away in my bag to be fully explored at home. Weekends and evenings were dedicated to weaving these fragments together, creating a cohesive narrative. Before long, I realised I was embarking on the journey of writing a novel.

Fortunately, I have since semi-retired from my corporate obligations, undertaking contractual work only when it aligns with my schedule. This newfound flexibility has allowed me to indulge in my passion for writing, dedicating time to hone my craft.

As a writer, I find immense joy in crafting entire realms and embarking on a journey into the unknown. The creative process and the ability to shape characters, societies, and adventures filled with twists and turns constantly surprises and challenges me as I bring worlds to life through my words. Each day, I eagerly anticipate where my characters will go, what emotions they will experience, and what challenges or triumphs they will encounter. Some days, I have a plan in mind. Others, I wake up curious to see where my characters take me, sometimes to unexpected places.

In the process, the characters come alive in my mind. They cease being mere figments of my imagination and begin to claim an existence of their own, constantly whispering their desires, doubts, and dreams of who they aspire to become.


I believe my novel will appeal to science fiction fans and space opera enthusiasts who enjoy action-packed and immersive stories set in futuristic universes. The secondary market would be romance readers who appreciate stories that blend romance with action and adventure.


I hope that readers will find both enjoyment and value. The overarching themes centre around empowerment, resilience, and personal growth. I aim to encourage readers to embrace their individuality and harness it.


Once I completed the first book, I couldn’t stop because the ancillary characters begged for the spotlight, each with their own inspiring journey that had to be told. I couldn’t resist writing four more books in the series, giving these lovable characters the attention they deserved. So far, I have manuscripts ready for books 2 to 4 in the series, and book 5 is currently underway. My plan for the series is:

1.         Rorkk’s Captive (Rotari Warriors Book 1) – Release Date: 18 August 2023

2.         Dane’s Fugitive (Rotari Warriors Book 2)

3.         Kei’s Saviour (Rotari Warriors Book 3)

4.         Mila’s Rescue (Rotari Warriors Book 4)

5.         Alex’s Salvation (Rotari Warriors Book 5)


I live in Northern Australia, where we only have two seasons, Wet and Dry. Which means we get to enjoy the outdoors all year round. When I’m not writing, I like cultivating my vegetable garden, visiting the famous Mindil Beach Markets to get my ‘Curry Laksa’ fix, swimming and travelling. I also enjoy tracking down rare clothing gems at vintage and charity shops and remaking them into something fabulous!  

I can be found on Facebook and Instagram under Amanda LaBrooy Author. My first book is available on pre-order from Amazon until the release date: Https://

I would like to thank Saira Lynch at Readers Magnet for inviting me to write about my first novel through the Authors’ Lounge and for supporting new and established writers from all genres.


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