Revised Edition Family Ties by B. G. Howard

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Revised Edition Family Ties: Thicker Than Blood is the, as indicated, revision of my first fiction novel that launched in April of 2020.

The story had, more-or-less, evolved during a time when I was undergoing extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation following a severe motorcycle accident. Ironically, I had never intended to write a book and only began the process after weeks of enduring a haunting thought that simply wouldn’t leave my mind. 

In the summer of 2006, I simply posted at my computer, opened a Word document, and started detailing the events of Willie LeBeaux’s life as an aspiring entertainer who relocates from southern Georgia to the mean streets of post-911 New York City.

At the beginning of his quest, Willie accidentally saves the life of a crime boss, Oswald “Oz” Jenkins, who takes the young pupil under his wing but disapproves of the desire he has to become an actor/model. This poses a problem for “Amp” or Anthony who was unseated as the second in command so he teams up with Jerome, another former protégé of Oz’s who he, himself, had displaced and they hatch a plan to take over the kingpin’s territory. 

Willie periodically encounters an elderly resident of an apartment complex who also happens to be from near his hometown in Georgia. Eunice is married to Sam, from South Carolina, and the random association eventually compels the elder couple to “adopt” him as one of their children. Things become further complicated when Willie becomes romantically involved with NYPD 

Officer Ernestina Lady who he knows can’t be allowed to discover his true line of work. This prompts a deadly game of “cat and mouse” as the very people he holds dear are most endangered by Willie’s “lifestyle choice” that had inadvertently chosen him. 

Ideally, the novel will resonate with coming of age readers who are attempting to navigate the treacherous waters of life while in motion. The story does appear, however, to have a particular appeal to those who are more seasoned as well, given that Revised Edition Family Ties: Thicker Than Blood is filled with valuable “nuggets” concerning life’s lessons. 

Coincidentally, it turned out that this is the second novel of an unintended series with the follow-up, Family Ties II: Blood Covenant, due to launch in December of this year. Even though I’ve been an award-winning newspaper opinion columnist for several years, being an author was never a goal. Reviewing various publications and associations with like-minded individuals associated with such platforms as Readers Magnet, and a host of others have given birth to a newly discovered passion. It is through this process that I have come to embrace a genuine love for the creative aspect of “world building” that facilitates a freedom to script, edit, and rewrite life…literally.

With limited physical abilities as a consequence of the 2001 accident, I discovered a passion for the written word at some point during 2006. The habit turned into a hobby that matured to become a full-blown love. Injuries sustained were inclusive of every major bone in my body being broken with the exception of my spine and ribs along with a severe head injury that left me in a coma for about seven months. Shortly after I woke from the “extended nap” it was determined that the loss of my memory had to be added to the list of tragic results as well. 

Writing proved to be more therapeutic than anything else given the need for an outlet during one of the darkest periods through which I’ve ever struggled. The extremely limited functionality necessitated a path by which I could escape “me” so I began the process of living vicariously through the lives of characters birthed on the pages of my writing. At this point, writing has become a mandatory extension of my being in the forms of poetry, short stories, philosophy, a weekly newspaper opinion column, and the first of what should be many fiction novels.

Many authors write as a matter of choice, others feel the tug and are compelled to do so, but the need engulfs me much the same as a requirement for food and air. I extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to all those at ReadersMagnet for assisting in the realization of my purpose. 


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