Repressed Feelings of Self Portrayal by Samantha Bagnato

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What is your book all about? 

Have you ever felt emotions or desires, especially those that could be considered by some as shameful or depressing? We are all a product of our environment and we each repress feelings in hope that they will subside. ‘Repressed Feelings of Self Portrayal’ is a collection of easy-to-read poetry pieces surrounding the topics of Self-betrayal, confession, self-discovery, rejection, and love.

What inspired you to write the book?

As a child I didn’t have a lot of friends, I got teased by a lot of people due to having cerebral palsy. Most times I felt alone and misunderstood so I began writing my thoughts and feelings down to help me better understand them. As I grew, I started also writing about other people’s experiences and feelings but through my eyes and how I interpreted them, so I could better understand. My poems became a diary of understanding for me a way I could express myself and view my life experiences and a way in which I could share other’s stories through my interpretation of them. When I was diagnosed with anxiety at the age of twenty-four, I decided it was time to share them, however, it was thirteen years and many poems later that I published ‘Repressed feelings of Self-Portrayal’ to share it with the world. 

What is your target audience for the book?

The target audience for this book would be anyone and everyone, ‘Repressed Feelings of Self- Portrayal’ consists of easy-to-read poetry pieces that anyone of any age or race is sure to understand and relate to.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

There are many times when we feel alone, feel hard done by, or overwhelmed. There are times when we feel like no one understands or if they did, we would be judged for thinking or feeling the way we do. These poems are a great way to escape from chaotic moments like these. I hope readers can take away the knowledge that we are never alone, there is always someone that is going through the same feelings, thoughts, situations, or desires as we are however, they might not be ready to share or admit it with anyone.

I hope I can contribute through my writing to someone’s joy and/or understanding. 

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

 I am currently trying to market ‘Repressed Feelings of Self Portrayal’ as much as possible with my limited budget. So far, I have received amazing 5-star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and feel like this book is affecting people in great ways and because of this, I would love to reach a much larger audience and publish more books in the future. I would be so excited to hopefully one day do live readings and discussions all over the world.

And something more about yourself.

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and still, live there today. At birth, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy to the left side of my body as well as 100% blindness in my right eye. Due to this, I spent 80% of my childhood in The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne where I received many operations to try and straighten my feet and stretch the tendons in the backs of my legs. The longest I spent in hospital at one time was a full term of school. 

At the age of sixteen years old after many operations, things seemed to be looking on the bright side. However, after returning home from a long and painful operation in hospital, I had a seizure in my bed at night. As soon as I left, I was being rushed back to the hospital. I was diagnosed with epilepsy, adjusting was hard at first and admittingly I allowed the epilepsy to become something I feared not controlled. After around six months till around one year, I came to terms with the fact that I was going to have epilepsy for the rest of my life. From that moment I was determined not to allow myself to fear it but except and control it, as best I could. 

I had two beautiful children by the time I was twenty-four and at the birth of my youngest, I was also diagnosed with high anxiety it was then when I decided I needed to publish the poetry that I had been using as my own personal coping mechanism for so many years and try to help others. 

I’m now thirty-seven years old and have two teenage children, I live a healthy and happy life Although, still blind with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and anxiety but the difference is now I know they don’t make the person I am they are a part of what makes me the writer I am.    

I want to thank the Authors Lounge for their interest in ‘Repressed Feeling of Self Portrayal’. And please remember the following.

“The misjudgments of others don’t define the truth of yourself, they simply only show you the truth of others.”

Book- Repressed Feelings of Self Portrayal

I can be contacted at [email protected] 

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  1. Bridget

    A beautiful article that demonstrates the struggles and hidden lives we each live, not only is author Samantha Bagnato truly inspiring and talented but she also come across very genuine and down to earth. This is demonstrated when she says ”I hope I can contribute through my writing to someone’s joy and/or understanding”
    Im defiantly very interested in purchasing this book

  2. Kimberly

    “The misjudgments of others don’t define the truth of yourself, they simply only show you the truth of others.” THIS SHOULD BE A T’SHIRT DESIGN

    This article was so well written, the author seems like she has had a tough life and the cover design is so carefully put together, it clearly shows the emotions that the author discusses in this article.
    I just purchased this book! CANT WAIT TO RECIEVE IT 🙂

  3. Clark

    What an outstanding article on author Samantha Bagnato and her journey to writing.
    This is a clear example of how lifes struggles can mould us to becoming an inspiration
    Samantha Bagnato needs to be congratulated not just for producing what seems like an amazing book
    but for having the courage to stand up and say this is me and this is who i am

    We all need to take note of this quote, so much truth and wisdom “The misjudgments of others don’t define the truth of yourself, they simply only show you the truth of others.”

  4. Julie

    WOW! Such an inspirational piece
    Samantha Bagnato is a clear example of strength and determination.
    such courage.

    looking forward to reading book 2 as this book was AMAZING!

  5. Fatima Hopkins

    Way to go! just finished the book after reading the article and purchasing it. Not only does it demonstrate pure rawness but also shows how one person can change the way we see the world. if you have not read this book, you must !!


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