Rennaian Protected Societies by Karen Radcliff

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Rennaian Protected Societies Part 1 is a Science Fiction Thriller about an alien species who are trying to take over Earth.

The Rennaian’s are led by the evil horrifying Captain Haleema Nava (Hal), or Captain Scary as her associates like to call her. Capturing any human that has seen, or heard of their existence to keep themselves safe.

Unfortunately for Jake, he sees a UFO and reports it to his best friend Todd. In the process of searching for another lost friend on the site where Jake just saw the UFO, Todd injures his leg.

They soon find themselves all captured, and are taken to a protected society. Now they must find a way to escape, and save all others in captivity. Todd who loves to read comics has been changing into what some say is a super.

Will he be able to save everyone from the Rennaian’s, and the evil Captain Hal?

I have always thought about being a writer, just never knew where, or how to begin.

In Highschool my English teacher told me I should become a writer after turning in a report, and receiving an A on it to my surprise. She had always told me to write with something you know about. I kinda let this idea go until I had children of my own who were not so keen on learning to read. One night I was telling my son a story I had made up, he loved it. So much that then next night he wanted me to tell the same exact story.

I however, could not remember word for word, and he did. Boy, he was mad because I had changed it slightly, and he told me to write the story down next time, because it was a good one. I finally began writing when he was in Highschool and completed Rennaian Protected Societies last November.

When I wrote my book, I wanted it to be a book that young pre-teens thru adults can enjoy.

I have had friends who purchased my book for their 10 year old’s and on up to retirees who have enjoyed it, and can not wait for part 2 to come out.

My hope is that when someone reads my story they feel like they’re right there in the action watching it come to life before their eyes.

That is how it played out in my mind as I wrote. I want them to feel like they have to find out what happens next as each chapter brings more mystery, and excitement. I want them to just have fun as they explore this unknown world.

I have met other local Authors in my hometown, and we have been going to many joint book signings.

We love getting together, and planning these fun events. My goals include continuing these book signings, getting part 2 completed, and published. Then I can begin part 3, and see where that takes me. It is all so exciting, and I love to hear feedback from people who have read my book. Would love to receive more reviews.

One last thing for thought, I did use what I knew in this story when writing. I grew up in the country, the farmhouse, and grandparents were based on my real grandparents. The UFO sighting was based on a real sighting of what my husband saw when he was a young boy. The chicken extremists I put in the story when my son, and I were joking around. He asked “Are you going to put chicken extremists in your story too?” Of course, I replied…


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