Reflections of a Happy Dead Person by Autumn Aldous

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Reflection of a Happy Dead Person by Autumn Aldous is the story of Felicia discovering her natural gift for finding people’s missing happiness and then dying before she could really explore her abilities.

First, I would like to say a huge thank you to Authors’ Lounge for allowing me to talk a little bit about my book.

My book Reflections of a Happy Dead Person is about happiness and how if you don’t keep your eye on it, then happiness may escape, and other negative emotions will consume you. The story involves life, death, the grim reaper and many miserable people who are about to have their lives changed forever. There is also a love interest going on between the main character and the most unlikely character you could imagine.

Reflections of a Happy Dead Person started out as a semi autobiography, written from the perspective of being dead and ending up in a waiting area, to reflect over my life and its happy moments and in doing so solving clues to allow me back to earth to continue my life raising my four children. The story suggests that whatever you believe will happen to you after death will manifest itself. My wish was for peace and quiet because I had such a busy life with four children a husband with OCD and a busy career. Therefore, I ended up in a peaceful and beautiful room in the middle of the universe with an eternity of nothingness laid out before me.

Now for a secret; Don’t tell anyone this little fact. Do you promise?

Ok, I believe you. All the characters in Reflections of a Happy Dead Person are based on people who I have known! Its must be said, very loosely based on them and with a gigantic amount of surrealism thrown in for good measure. Think back, have I met you in passing? If so……..

When I started to write the book, it took a life of its own and I found my book was writing itself, albeit with the same underlying premise. The characters in the story emerged from people who I had known in my own life and then exploded onto the pages. The book became a comedy fantasy fiction novel with its own story to tell, one that even made me laugh and surprised me as I was writing it.

The audience is everyone who has an imagination and is prepared to go on a surreal adventure.

The underling message in Reflections of a Happy Dead Person is about finding and keeping your happiness, the tale is full of positive messages, and I hope my readers finish the book with a smile on their face.

In the near future I would like to organise some book launches because I finished and published the book in lock down, where life at the time couldn’t allow this to happen.

I also plan follow up books, the continuing story of Felica and her family. I have the title and basic storyline of the next book, spoiler alert ….it will be about her eldest daughter Daffodil, saving the world. But all is not as it seems.

My day-to-day life is not that different than Felica in my book. I am a mindful based cognitive therapist and life coach. I do actually run classes on how to find and keep your happiness on a regular basis. I also run many other webinars and courses including how to overcome intrusive thoughts, confidence, building, mindfulness and emotional resilience amongst over 40 other topics. I have been known to run laughter yoga sessions on many occasions too.

Lastly, I also run retreats support people on a one to one basis, rather like Felica in the book, unfortunately I haven’t had any wonderful surreal adventures with my clients. My overriding goals in life is how to make people and the world, a little bit happier, here is a link to my website, where you can also buy my book from my personal website.

Reflections of a Happy Dead Person is also available on Amazon:

“If you don’t keep your eye on your happiness then it will run away
Felicia discovered she had a natural gift for finding people’s missing happiness until one day she got knocked over and killed by a bus
But this is not the end of her story, it’s the beginning and one that will take you into a different version of reality than we currently know”


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