Rediscovering the Joy of Praying

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When people are in deep trouble, they turn to God and plead for help. In times of despair, people bow down on one knee and, in their desperation, cry and call out to God to be saved. Other times, out of pure gratitude, people bow down their heads and say their thanks and appreciation for whatever blessings come their way. These are just some of the depictions of how people pray in different circumstances. In Judith Martin Alford’s Collection of Short Stories on The Hands of God book, God’s all-encompassing love is evident in the miracles portrayed in this inspiring book collection of true short stories. The author magically weaves through the pages the essence of what faith in God can do even to the simplest lives. An invitation to further deepen the relationship with God, Judith takes us on a journey to understanding God and Jesus Christ and realizing the truth that faith, indeed, can move mountains. 

It all begins with praying…

Faith begins with prayer. Whether said out loud, or a whisper of the heart, the beginning of faith is signified with a prayer, a longing. Prayer is defined in the simplest term as a wish or an earnest hope or desire. When put into words and action, prayer takes on a religious meaning. Prayer then becomes something solemn, an expression of gratitude or a plea for help sent to God.

In the Christian faith, praying is considered a conversation between God and men. It is a passageway of connecting with the higher divine power. Christians are often encouraged to pray all the time; pray when they’re happy, pray when they’re sad, and in every other circumstance, talk and have a conversation with God through prayers. 

 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

Famous Bible figures are described as constantly praying and often conversing with God. From Adam and Eve to Noah in the Book of Genesis, Moses and Joshua in Exodus, David in the Book of Samuel, Daniel in the Book of Daniel, and right to Jesus Christ in the New Testament, praying is the popular way of reaching God. These men, in their tribulation, turned to prayer and, in great rejoicing, offered adoration and praises to God.

Part of the Christian faith believes that praying is a way of deepening a person’s faith in God and practicing understanding what is God’s purpose in their lives. Part of having faith is also believes that God answers prayers, but the answers sometimes come not in the form that the person wants. Orthodox Christians use praying to meditate and remember the life of Jesus Christ here on earth.

Praying is also used as a healing practice when it is done through meditation and contemplation. Chanting prayers can help clear people’s minds, a form of stress reliever that ultimately helps a person’s mental health well-being. Others use prayers as a form of a request to ask for help on behalf of other people. 

Whether it is a form of request or gratitude, there are a lot of benefits coming from praying, even in the simplest form of prayer. Prayer enhances the person’s spirituality, making them look at life differently. It also enables them to focus more clearly on their vision and mission in life. 

Praying also produces a relaxing and calm aura, thereby lessening a person’s stress and anxiety. And praying, in the long run, boosts a person’s self-love and confidence, radiating this love to other people, thereby inspiring them to do the same thing to themselves as well.

Praying and believing are the key to making miracles. Judith Martin Alford encourages the reader to communicate with God, deepen the relationship with His son, Jesus Christ, and wholly believe in God’s love and mercy. Grab a copy of The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives on Amazon, or visit the author’s website at


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