Red Moon Love (Bloody Hunters Saga, Book 1) by Andra-Cristiana Stan

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Red Moon Love by Andra-Cristiana Stan is the first book in the Bloody Hunters Saga; it is the story of Mika Reigna and her changing life due to being entangled with Thomas DiAngelo.

Her world as she knew was about to radically change. When her car crashed by accident in the gate of a billionaire hybrid, Thomas DiAngelo, Mika Reigna’s life was under a death threat. The Red Moon was witness of the hunt while the 18-year-old girl was running for her life, after being bitten by the over 500-year-old vampire-werewolf with a youthful appearance and the looks of a heartthrob.

Her footsteps were taking her in the heart of the forest on the vast dominion the hybrid had, to escape the Devil who was after her to devour her special human blood.

Neither Thomas, nor Mika, knew what the craze under the Red Moon event was about to bring among them. She was human, but was she? Would he kill her, or would he protect her from himself? Would love, pure love, conquer their hearts for one another? Did they have a past connection? What significance did the Red Moon have for them? Was she going to accept her new fate which was destined for her since birth?

Thomas DiAngelo was a cruel beast, but with a pure soul for what mattered. He was head of the Hybrids House, but also leader over the other eight supernatural houses around the world. In front of the human world, he was a ruthless businessman, feared by others.

Every Red Moon event, he would lose control over himself and needed to be restrained by his people under chains and spells, to not go on a killing spree and attack the innocent. But that fateful night, when Mika crashed with her car in his main gate, nothing worked to keep him at bay, for her blood drove him insane in cravings and the unwanted hunt began….

Red Moon Love and the rest of the series will bring you vampires, werewolves, witches, banshees, and many other creatures, for the houses stood for a certain species.

You’ll meet romance, supernatural, real world, business world, comedy, action, horror, betrayal, jealousy, friendship, brotherhood, and more.

Red Moon Love is the first book in the Bloody Hunters Saga series. It’s directed to the YA audience, but not only.

As in all my books, my aim is to profess the power each girl/woman has, no matter the weaknesses she holds or surrounding obstacles or challenges. The concept of meeting with your one and only and experiencing that pure love is another target I have, and how should it unfold in a way or another.

We all need to never give up and push further through our hurdles, life trials, and always never fool ourselves. One should always think things through before acting on something, and the need to constantly upgrade ourselves is imperative to conquer.

What inspired me to write Red Moon Love? Well, for me writing is a sort of therapy, helping me escape our tumultuous reality, and sending me to an unknown world which makes me laugh, fall in love, and pulls all sorts of emotions out of me. But entertainment is main feature of it.

Whenever I write, I channel somehow in my mind the start of a story, and I never know where it leads me, but it’s a fun journey, which I wish for the reader to experience it as well.

Because I’ve always been a fan of the underworld, unknown, paranormal, romance, I’ve let my imagination create this book, and the series will welcome more, continuing the story from the first book which promotes a number of characters with more to come, but retaining the main leads in each book, Thomas and Mika, confronting with all sorts of situations and creatures.

My expectation for this book is to give my readers that fun ride, thrills, unpredictable situations, and yes, as any author or writer out there, I would love to see the real movie of it and enjoy it like a kid met with the story for the first time! Ha-ha!

Red Moon Love (Bloody Hunters Saga, Book 1) by Andra-Cristiana Stan

To tell you more about me, the author Andra-Cristiana Stan, I’m a Romance-Mystery-Paranormal author and writer. My books have as main genre romance, but each one of them bring a mix of genres and life lessons for the reader to reflect upon and maybe gain a sort of enlightenment or help for their own life. There’s plenty of action in my books which will keep you on your toes, and real love is the main theme for the romance part.

In my professional life, I’m a law counselor among other things.

And because I’m an Aquarius, the crazy type, ha-ha, I’m always wandering in my mind to channel new stories for my readers, having a blast whenever I’m writing.

My website holds several sections for my books. We have the Romance Book section where all my published books are presented with all links to where they can be bought, having the sample of them in their own article. And we also have the Story Time! section where all my coming soon books titles are with free chapters, for my readers to know what to expect from me and meet the stories and characters.

If you want to get to know more about me and my books, I welcome you on my website where you can also leave a comment and just say “hi”! You also have all my social media accounts there to get in touch.

Thank you so much, Authors’ Lounge, for this opportunity to present my book and myself to you and your readers!

With all my love,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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