Recently Placed on the Endangered Species List: Humans

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Natural disasters continue unabated as the death toll rises, and human life appears to be on a collision course for extinction. Are we on an eminent path of destruction for the human race? Does extinction have to be the end result?

The Exigent Earth is a unique story that is an enthralling blend of science, ancient wisdom, mysticism, and discovering sources of energy. The challenges of upholding family values in the midst of guarding against those in pursuit of power  coupled with government suppression pique the imagination. This is blended into the personal journey of unselfish commitment as one young man struggles to get the world to listen.

Instead of delving deep into the technical and scientific aspects of a story, this is a soft science fiction, character- driven plot that prioritizes humanity.

The protagonist of the story is Zac Sparkman, son of renowned scientists Nikolai and Virginia Sparkman, who has a remarkable mind and a natural talent for scientific exploration. But there is also something very unique about Zac. Since he was in his mother’s womb, he has exhibited special powers which seem beyond explanation. The older he gets, the stronger the powers grow and the more he struggles to keep his special gift hidden. Growing up in an unusual family with a Native American shaman and an unconventional uncle, Zac learns how science and esoteric wisdom combine into a world of knowledge completely new to him as he utilizes that information to try to solve the devastating issues developing on the planet.

Over the years, Zac realizes his father had made a discovery that could change the world for the better and he endeavors to learn the secrets of his father’s hidden lab, his astonishing experiment, and his covert journal that the government would do anything to get their hands on.

A cataclysmic situation occurs that changes the course of Zac’s life whereby he has the opportunity to step away from his everyday life and open himself to raising his consciousness, exploring the source of his special gift, and tapping into the universal mind for messages that lead him to an urgent call to help mankind.

Where do Zac’s unusual abilities come from, and what do they have to do with the secrets behind Nikolai Sparkman’s research? Will he be able to warn the world of disaster before it strikes? What happens when his powers attract unwanted attention from the U.S. government?

Within this award-winning story is a powerful message wrapped in a package of a rare combination of science and ancient wisdom and the very powerful interaction of the two. It is a timely story as we all become aware of more and more extreme weather and the threat of drought, severe wildfires, pandemics, plague, extreme heat, powerful hurricanes, and freezing temperatures.

The co-authors hope that their readers find inspiration and bits of wisdom that they can utilize in their own lives with an emphasis on consciousness raising that helps readers take a closer look at his or her role on this planet. The story doesn’t tell the reader what to do but hopes to provoke the reader to search within himself to 

discover his role and expand his mind and imagination.

Murray Rosenthal, one of the authors, is a world-renowned, board-certified psychiatrist, researcher, and lecturer who thrives on adventure, and through his travels he has seen firsthand the profound changes our planet is experiencing, and he feels an urgency to rectify the situation.

Multi-award-winning co-author Beverly Knauer is a retired chief of rehabilitation services, who now enjoys writing thought-provoking visionary novels. Her two previous works are The Line Between and The Soul’s Hope.

The co-authors greatly appreciate the opportunity that the Authors’ Lounge has offered in spreading the word about their book.

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