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  1. Who is your major influence in writing non-fiction?

It was not a “who”.  The major reason for writing my book was the need to voice some of the truths I had learned from observing the human population in this troublesome world and what the Bible says about our social ills.  So you could say a desire to see a better world for all people was my major influence.

  1. What does winning Authors’ Lounge blog lottery mean to you?

It means a great deal and increases my confidence. Winning will help me move on with the money won.

  1. How was is it working with Raymond Gavin your publishing consultant?

Raymond is very helpful, kind and easy to work with.  He gives me good advice.

  1. What were the challenges you encountered while writing this article?

To begin with I wrote 500 words and felt I had said enough. Then I learned I needed 200 more words.  I had to think deeper and delve into what it really takes to write correctly, honestly and in an orderly manner.  I came up with more ideas directly from my own experience when writing my book, A Law from Eden.  Examples, I remembered I had to remove unnecessary words and enhance others.  I remembered how many times I edited the original draft and put thoughts and paragraphs in order.

  1. Author’s Lounge is a growing network of self-published authors, will you recommend this community website and why?

Yes, I would recommend this website.  I have been extremely happy with the new website prepared for me and the manner in which I have been treated in a kind and respectful way.

6.        Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Yes, I learned a lot. Do you mean what I wrote or how to write it? Both, as my research progressed I leaned more and more what the Bible tells us about how to live for God.  I learned that the Bible should not be taken literally and discovered the spiritual meaning to much of what it does say. Practice makes perfect and I practiced writing as I went along until I was happy with the results.

7.         How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

I learned to be more careful about line editing.  Typos and mistakes need to be addressed before publishing.  Paragraphs need to follow logical order. Non-fiction needs to be truthful.

8.         What does literary success look like to you?

I don’t really know.  When my book sells and is read and understood by the church world and the secular population, I will feel as if I have been successful.

A Law from Eden by marylin Taplin book cover9.         Give us an interesting fun fact about your book.

My book really isn’t funny.  I guess it is toooo serious.   To begin with it is a little frightening to many.

10.     What can you say about readersmagnet as your book’s promoter?

I hope all the promotion readersmagent is doing for my book will turn out to beneficial.   Not all has been done yet. I am looking forward to the final results, my website, book shows in several cities and the social media plans that are all still in the process of being finalized.   I am confident the results will be good.


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