Raven’s Lament by Frank Talaber

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Unraveling Mysteries: Brook’s Journey to Haida Gwaii “Raven’s Lament”

First stage of Raven’s Lament. Dumped by his fiancée because he wasn’t man enough for her, reporter, Brook Grant goes off to the ends of Canada’s west coast, Haida Gwaii. To investigate the strange story of a rare golden spruce tree cut down in protest of logging.

The Haida believe that there is a prince trapped in the Golden Spruce and that is why the leaves have turned gold in sorrow. Only once cut down the prince is released and the reason he was imprisoned there in the first place by Raven. Yes, the shape-shifting, always hungry Creator God, Raven that shouldn’t exist, except in totems and old myths.

            Seeking solace and understanding for his torn heart he instead finds a centuries old native legend come to life along with realms of existence he never believed in, nor believed existed. Ever read about damning Shakespearean love, the kind that with one glance tears your breath away and turns your soul inside out, knowing you’ve found your one? Finding it and experiencing it is another matter. Being an educated journalist and reporter Brook struggles with his belief systems after he meets Chelen Davidshaw.

Courageous Confrontation: Brook’s Quest to Save Chelen “Raven’s Lament”

            Only to have her taken away by said native god, Raven, A being that reportedly has the power to change the world back to the way it once was and has lost the one thing that keeps him from aging, his immortal stone. A stone that Brook has found and Raven desperately needs back. So now Brook has to not only believe in himself, but find the courage to challenge everything he has been taught to be the truth and rescue Chelen.

            Fortunately, he does have Chelen’s uncle to help him. A partly psycho Shaman, Charlie Stillwaters, who talks to Sasquatches, spirits and little animals like we converse with our in laws. It’s kinda like taking six boy scouts with Swiss army knives to lead the assault on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Oh yeah, this is going to go well.

Discovering Inspiration: The Journey to Writing

I was asked by Author’s Lounge what inspired me to write this book. I remember coming across an article in the newspaper about the cutting down of the Golden Spruce Tree in protest of logging. Went on a holiday to BC’s provincial museum in Victoria a couple of weeks later. In a lower, darkened room dedicated to the First Nations peoples I was surrounded by many totems. Some like the Haida ones had the Watchmen on top. I swore I heard voices trying to talk to me.

Later a First Nations friend of mine and master carver, Tom Patterson, told me that all their languages were oral, passed down generation by generation. With the massive die off due to no immunity from the diseases of the encroaching invaders, namely us. Their spirits are constantlyreaching out to those that can hear them and continue the legends. I believe in doing a great deal of research and learned an incredible amount on how the Haida and First Nations look at their connection to the earth and their legends.

My target audience is people that love to read about spirituality set in a backdrop of urban fantasy. Also to give others a greater understanding of how First Nations view the world they live in. I really enjoy giving a reader one thrill ride they’ll never forget like the review below.


“Easy to follow and immerse oneself into this well-told story. The pace unfolds so naturally, I forgot that I was reading – which is essential to achieving this result. Loved the narrative voice that brought Characters to life through vivid descriptions and unforced dialogue. Time and place are masterfully captured through poetic and beautiful imagery. The writing style is wonderful, a celebration of words, both visual and imaginative. This story has depth, the themes are heartfelt and lingered long after I finished reading it. The pulse of energy – otherworldly, Raven’s Lament is a classic in waiting with dream-like narration. I loved every inch of it.”

Molly Harrison, WiBA Coordination

In the future I’m working on having a movie done regarding this novel. Pay back the citizens of Haida Gwaii by filming it on location.

Unveiling Frank’s Unique Literary Realm

People who have read Frank’s books describe him as a natural storyteller who writes like his soul is on fire and his pencil is his voice, screaming. They go further to say that they find his books grabbingly intense and hilarious at times. Screaming everyday life from such realistic viewpoint you’re drawn into his world, hook, line and plum bob, unable to stop. Almost cursing that they can’t set the book down, page after page. Like this review from another one of my novels. “I hate you! My wife, who is off on medical leave, won’t get out of the bathroom. Can’t put your book down.” LOL.   Bruce W.

Frank takes great pride in the realism of his work, painstakingly visiting most of the locations, (obviously, only the “real-life” ones!) and he is so thorough that many readers have remarked that they can hear, taste, visualize, smell and feel the essence of the place. “It really is like being there” one remarked. There isn’t a greater compliment to be made. His tagline is Canada’s Foremost Off-beat Author (also the name of his YouTube channel; check it out for his witty and informative videos) who writes in urban fantasy, science fiction, crime, spiritual, romance, erotica and comedy genres. Well, anything that comes to him, basically! Except westerns. Although he does like to ride Gangnam style; does that count?

Literature written almost beyond genres, whose compelling thoughts are freed from the depths of the heart and subconscious before being poured onto the page. Or, as he often says, “you don’t have to be mad to be a writer, but it sure helps”.

My ebook and print novels are available on: Amazon, Website, Youtube Channel


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