Rapid Assault Warfare

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Article for Author’s Lounge on Rapid Assault Warfare: Reclamation, by Stephen D Tucker.

Firstly, a huge thank you to Author’s Lounge, for asking me to write this article. They’re a friendly group looking to feature and share new authors’ work to help reach their targeted audience.

My name is Stephen D Tucker, and I am an aspiring self-published author. I create, publish, and market my own books on the Amazon platform.

I also currently work full-time so I am far from my dream, but I hear they always say the journey is the most important part!

Now let’s talk about R.A.W!

Part one: Reclamation, is already available on Kindle, paperback, hardback, and audiobook!

Find it easily on Amazon by searching for Rapid Assault Warfare.

Rapid Assault Warfare is a hard-core Sci-fi action series where humanity comes into contact with its first alien infection. With the ability to infect us and alter our DNA, it is able to create horrific abominations and on arrival, threatens our entire existence.

Our only chance for survival lies in the hands of a small team of elite specialists and scientists that discover a breakthrough that gives humanity an edge to fight back; though it will not be easy!

As sci-fi should be, it’s filled with boundary-pushing technology ideas, epic alien fight scenes, and a dystopian world that our heroes will do anything to save.

I decided to write this book when taking a game design course in college. I wrote the story and my tutor said that he liked it so much, that he would love to hear more as a novel, so that’s what I did.

The book has a few shining worldwide reviews on the Amazon site, so don’t just take my word for it, see what others have said.

Here are the links to the US and UK Amazon pages:

I like to use my own style of writing in which I like to try to be precise and to the point with the story. I hate reading a book that has tons of irrelevant padding or descriptive text on things that the reader can easily imagine for themselves. I like to keep it on-topic and full of action!

I like to read, but above all else, I love movies. It’s my dream that one day my stories will reach the big screen and will be watched by millions worldwide. However, I will settle for a few readers that can’t wait to hear my next tale.

R.A.W will be a trilogy series of novels along with two parallel mini collections consisting of six short stories each.

R.A.W: Origins, will be six short stories portraying an event in one of each character’s pasts that led to their selection for the mission in the main series.

R.A.W: Collection, will be six short stories that will describe a mission completed by each character either during or after the collection of their suits.

I recently learned to try and create my own art for the series and all of the fronts covers to save on costs for production. After all, the story is the most important part.

After finishing the R.A.W series I have many other sci-fi ideas, so I am looking to build up a reputation in the genre. Although, I may dabble in some fantasy at something.

Please feel free to look up my Facebook page by searching for Author Stephen D Tucker.

Jump over for some free copies of the shorts or even just for a chat. You never know, I may just be your new favorite sci-fi writer.

Stay tuned to Author Lounge for more exciting articles from real authors!

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  1. Matt

    I have read your first book and the arena , both great easy reads, but keeps you excited. It’s amazing how writers come up with the ideas for their books , can’t wait to read more as it just a book you want to keep reading on.


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