Psychic Voices by JP Alters 

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What Is Psychic Voices All About?

Psychic Voices, is a supernatural thriller situated in the United Kingdom. The narrative revolves around Mary Obosa Jameson, a bi-racial woman diagnosed with schizophrenia. She begins her story at a profound low, contemplating suicide. Following this, Mary’s admitted to The Rainbow Unit, a psychiatric hospital that houses more than meets the eye. 

Unknown to Mary, she is a gifted medium with an extraordinary capability: The power to communicate with the dead. Conspiracies emerge, uncovered by the hospital’s patients, leaving Mary to navigate the murky waters of trust and deception.

What’s The Inspiration For This Book?

A mosaic of influences coalesced all at once to inspire this work! I have a longstanding fascination with the supernatural, nurtured by a youth spent devouring books. My tastes span horror, romance, and the paranormal. I have an eclectic reading taste, and sometimes delve into scientific research or new finds in psychiatry. It was the result of a study, that triggered something in my imagination. The ‘Hmmm… what if…’ button was activated. 

Additionally, I LOVE diversity and unity. My own background is diverse, growing up in a Jamaican-English household, played a significant role.  From an early age, I was exposed to lots of different family friends from different countries and cultures. As an adult, I worked in social care and the NHS, with many people with a variety of backgrounds. 

It frustrated me the books I loved to read didn’t contain characters I could relate to, fuelling my goal to write stories that champion diversity while intermingling elements of suspense and the supernatural.

Who Is Your Intended Audience?

Psychic Voices will appeal to readers who share my affinity for the paranormal and are drawn to complex, diverse hero’s, grappling with mental health and emotional issues. I think those who appreciate feisty, multi-dimensional characters and plots, and who find themselves cheering for the underdog will be drawn to Psychic Voices. 

What Message Do You Hope Readers Will Take Away?

Psychic Voices is Book 1 in the Mary Jameson Supernatural Thriller Series. The story serves as an introduction to the Mary Jameson Series. The narrative takes its time unfolding, with the intent that readers will understand and be moved by Mary’s complexities and challenges. It’s my hope the underlying messages of love and unity resonate with the readership. 

What Future Developments Can Readers Expect?

This work serves at the first volume in what I envision as a series and can be found on Amazon. A follow-up instalment is already in editorial stages, and I have several more books planned. For me, the narrative universe of Mary Jameson remains an ongoing passion project. 

Personal Insights.

I’m a mum of 3 and I work with a homeless project. We help to support young people and young parents who are experiencing homelessness. This is something close to my heart, lots of us can’t comprehend just how easy it can be to find yourself homeless if you have no-one to ‘be there’ for you. 

The young people I work with are amazing. Working with them has afforded me the privilege of witnessing their resilience. It inspires me to see how these young people have endured so much difficulty, and still strive to make lives for themselves, and to make a difference. 

I love being a part of that! If anyone is considering volunteering, I recommend reaching out to volunteer at your local homeless project, we can always do with extra staff!

I’m honoured to be featured here in the Authors’ Lounge. Thank you so much for offering me this opportunity to connect. I’ve included some helpful links for readers to get their copy of Psychic Voices:  

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