Coming Out of a Pool of Tears: How to Heal from Heartache

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Melissa Rea’s Pool of Tears Night of Alice 2 is a wonderful exploration of sensuality. For those experiencing heartbreak, it’s a great read to learn how to move on.

Discover the extraordinary journey of Alice Hightower in a sensual wonderland within the pages of Pool of Tears. 

The Story of Pool of Tears

Every night without fail, the clothes found in her wardrobe transport Alice Hightower across time and space, where every encounter is with fascinating men who look to indulge her senses in extremely titillating and pleasurable adventures.

When daylight comes, though, Alice has to stare down the challenges of being the CEO of a company that works in medical technologies, a company that has recently been a victim of a vicious corporate espionage campaign that has resulted in significant losses. 

Meanwhile, she also has to confront the fact that the love of her life has vanished and that she has to choose who to give her heart to. Should she choose the vice president of sales? Or should she go with an African king? Perhaps a better life would be with a 12th-century prince who is currently entangled in a war, with the astronaut who’s been aboard the International Space Station, or with a whiskey maker who looks wonderfully handsome in a kilt.

What’s more, Alice comes to find that her company’s head researcher, brilliant and equally charming, has found himself entangled in a dangerous international crime. 

Alice Hightower is not a fragile woman, and she does not easily break into despair. Through life-threatening scenarios and a major case of heartbreak, Alice’s life has always been in her hands.

Melissa Rea’s Pool of Tears Night of Alice 2 is a wonderful exploration of sensuality. For those experiencing heartbreak, it’s a great read to learn how to move on.

How to Move On from Heartbreak

Breaking up with someone is a very memorable and impactful event in anyone’s life. Some people go through it as if the world around them is grinding down to a complete halt, like Skeeter Davis’s The End of the World is looping inside their heads all the time. When a person you’ve poured time, effort, and love into wishes to end the relationship, it is never without leaving a profound sense of loss and sadness

Regardless of the length of the relationship—long-term, only a week, since childhood—as long as you’ve committed time and effort when it ends, it will sting. 

And that sting may last for a lifetime, but only if you let it.

That is why it is vital to move on and let that pool of tears dry to remember that pain goes away. Through time and great effort on your part, what hurt you most simply becomes a distant memory.

Like Alice Hightower in The Nights of Alice series, you may be beset by heartache and heartbreak, but your life is in your hands, and nothing should ever truly stop you from growing better and finding new love.

So, here are some pieces of advice to help you on the road to recovery.

  1. Forget your ex. Of course, this is easier said than done, but try to regain your solitude and grow used to going on without your ex-partner’s presence. You are your greatest partner in life.
  2. Grief is acceptable. Cry and cry some more. Let the sadness be wrung out of your eyes and your pores. It hurts because it hurts, and you should acknowledge that fully and openly.
  3. Reflect on yourself. Do not dwell on what you could have done to have kept the relationship longer, but do ponder on yourself and your future. You are alive, so continue living.
  4. Remember loved ones. While you might have gone separate ways with someone you loved, you are still surrounded by people who care for you. Get in touch with them and be healed by their warmth.
  5. Self-care is important. Though you may be wracked with anguish and such, do not forget that you are still there and holding on. Take much better care of yourself.

Of course, while these tips may help you, they are not the be-all and end-all for moving on and getting out of that pool of tears. Like Kelly Clarkson once said, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” so find yourself in your heartache and grow to become a much better individual than the one who came before.


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