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Appreciating poetry comes with many reasons, but what can this timeless art form do to the soul trying to keep up with a fast-paced modern world? Let’s find out how that can be possible.

The Ultra-Fast Digital Age And Its Downsides

With the booming digital age, people have become less tolerant and less patient because of how fast everything is. From food, work, recreational activities, and even online happenings, things tend to travel at the speed of light. The downside to everything becoming so fast is the ever-decreasing attention span of people and their capacity to absorb the things around them. People now limit their online interactions to 140 characters or less and prefer binging short-form video content instead of sitting through an hour-long documentary.

It might sound bizarre to think about how poetry can affect our lives because you might think this timeless art form is merely a couple of flowery rhymes that seemingly make no sense. But take the time to absorb all the words and feel the magic of metaphors, expression, and the elevated sensory experience. You might even discover several complex and simple lines.

Why People Should Love Poetry At This Age

As a form of expression, poetry lets the writer feel a sense of release after jotting down their thoughts on a particular subject and searching for meaning in every experience in life. It may not reflect some people, but this timeless art does have a social and emotional impact on readers of all ages. Poetry allows the reader to explore new ways of thinking and make them feel emotions they may not be able to express.

Poetry is a commentary on love, pain, sadness, and social issues. Because it is meant to be thought-provoking, the cathartic role it plays can raise awareness and is easier to digest than novels and other literary works. Despite not having the power to change things overnight, poetry can still influence the mind and soul, igniting passions never seen before.

The Role Of Poetry In Society

Bridging varying forms of communication is one of the primary roles of such a timeless art. It creates a world where certain ideals precede the realities surrounding our lives. Poetry does not tear apart; instead, it brings like-minded souls together to share a common thought. Reading along the lines makes us realize that there are not many differences between us and that we can find solitude in our sadness, pain, and joy.

Poetry’s Influence On Music

Musical history has shown us that sounds can exist without words in them. Classical pieces and instrument playing are prime examples of no need for verbalizing music. But as times have changed and musical evolution takes place, music with lyrical poetry is now an integral part of the art form. Lyrics trigger an emotional response when sung out loud or felt in the mind. Even reading poems alone can evoke various emotions in the person reading them. MRI scans have proven that the brain’s right hemisphere illuminates when activated.

Benefits Of Reading Poetry

Contrary to the notion of just reading words, poetry helps the reader comprehend the meanings and emotions of the piece and recognize the sound patterns. These things help strengthen cognitive functions and boost memory. This timeless art often sticks to the reader, thus making them reread every line to memorize the words. And since frequent poetry reading boosts memory, the brain can be more receptive to absorbing information.

Poetry helps widen a person’s vocabulary, enabling them to read, write and understand other literary forms extemporaneously. By taking the time to learn the rules, you can bend them over by using poetry. It results in an alternative type of masterpiece. Another unique trait of poetry is the inclusion of beats, rhythm, and rhyme. It adds smoothness to the tongue and enhances one’s verbal skills and mental fortitude.

This Timeless Art’s Relevance

By being exposed to poetry books like Raymond Quattlebaum’s book “The Color of Love,” you might even be able to generate more ideas as you write in the future. You also get to find similar ideas that blossom in other aspects of your life. It might be underutilized and underestimated in today’s digital boom, but that does not mean poetry is a lost cause. The short emergence of spoken word poetry became a hit among young people, as they witness how a person enacts the emotions the words are trying to portray. Even with the oversaturation of music and the blandness of lyrics these days, there are still artists who put mindfulness in crafting meaningful poetry in their music; with the intention of emotional impact on the listeners and treasure the personal meaning they feel behind those songs.


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