Perfect Strangers by TG Trouper

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Unveiling Deception: The Intriguing World of Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is about meeting people who seem perfect until you find out what they’re really like, or what they really are. My inspiration for Perfect Strangers comes from ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ with a touch of the classic ‘Hammer House of Horror’ films.

I had recently seen a couple of the old early seventies Hammer films and I liked that rather than them being slasher/gore-fests from the word go, the suspense was built up over time. That is the style of horror that I like, and the style of story that I wanted to write. From the middle of the second chapter it will be obvious to the reader that something bad is going to happen to one of the characters but they don’t know which one.

Creating Suspenseful Reads: Writing Style and Audience Engagement

My target audience demographic for all of my works is adult, and I try to write in a style that is accessible to both male and female readers, where technical details are kept to a minimum. Perfect Strangers is the first in a series of three unconnected horror stories in three different genres and are written as one day reads.

As Perfect Strangers is a suspense/horror story, the reader should be left feeling uncomfortable, because I think that the best horror stories are ones that don’t have a pretty denouement. They should leave the reader wondering how they would cope in the same situation.

From Page to Screen: The Author’s Ambition for Perfect Strangers

Like all authors, my goal is to have the work read. Appreciated by as many people as possible, with the ultimate aim of having it turned into a media release. Perfect Strangers is my fourth novel and it is no exaggeration that the most common comment I get for all of my works is: ‘why aren’t your books being turned into tv shows on Netflix?’ So if any of the streaming services or media companies are reading this, well, get in touch…

Journey to Authorship: Overcoming Challenges and Finding Inspiration

I am British, I live in England about forty miles north east-ish of London. I’m married with one son who lives and works in America. I have always wanted to write and tried many years ago on a typewriter (remember those). I thought I could write science fiction, but that is a hard genre to write in. It’s very easy to write lasers and spaceships, but coming up with an original concept is hard. Hats off to anyone who can do it.

But life gets in the way; marriage, work, buying a house, raising a child etc… So my plans for writing hibernated. Then I got a job which had me doing a two-hour drive to and from work twice a week. That coincided with a couple of unsatisfactory books that I had read on holiday. One day I thought to myself ‘I could write better than that’ and my next thought was ‘well I’d better try then’ and in those long drives I started to come up with plot scenarios. I was tentative at first but the more I wrote the more I gradually gained confidence. Culminating in the worldwide release of three full novels in the Astrid series in 2023. These are female led action thrillers. Astrid 1, 2 & 3 and Perfect Strangers are available from any bookshop worldwide, or from online sellers.

Many thanks to Readers Magnet and Author’s Lounge for accepting this post.

Love, Doubt, and Temptation: Sophie and Paul’s Relationship Dilemma

Sophie and Paul have been together for eight years. Living together for five and have been engaged for the last three. They are due to go on a month-long once- in-a-lifetime holiday. When they get back they will finally start to make plans for their wedding. Then a new man arrives at Sophie’s work. Larsen is charming and debonaire, they work closely together. He seems to know exactly what a woman wants to hear and how a woman wants to be treated. She begins to fall under his spell and starts to question her future with Paul. Whether that future will just be more of the same experiences.

After a drama, the emotionally devastated Paul meets Marty, a man who seems like a combination of every friend he has ever had. They bond over shared traumatic experiences. Marty lends Paul a book on the occult saying that it’s all rubbish, but what fascinates him are the people who believe it’s real. Paul reads it and is astonished to find that there are still witch’s covens in every town in the country. Marty then introduces Paul to a hidden world, a world full of willing women. With each one eager to satisfy his every desire.

My next release in the horror genre is the suspense/possession ‘The Story – Be Careful What You Read’ and is due for worldwide release on May 24th, 2024.

The book is available on this website and amazon.


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