Blinded by the Write : Poems From a Twisted Mind

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Exploring the Poetry Collection: Blinded by the Write

The title of the book is Blinded by the Write ( poems from a twisted mind ) which sums up both myself and the book beautifully. The book contains some wonderful poems from both my real-life experiences and from my imagination and twisted mind with titles such as “Fun at the fair, The zoo, BLINDED BY the Write, Out in the cold, etc”. A mixture of fun, deep and gritty poems.

The title fits beautifully with the contents of the book. As my mind is full of crazy twisted fun things with a bit of grit, I’m also severely visually impaired so I have plenty of memories to share and hopefully inspire you the reader, and to make you laugh, cry and just want to keep picking up the book again and again. The poems/stories will most definitely stay in your mind and you’ll remember bits of each one, maybe at certain times in your life.

Living with blindness used to be a real battle and I thought it was a curse but it’s a gift as I now look upon things very differently with the remaining vision I have.
As for my future goals I’m currently attempting to write my first novel which is definitely on a different level to a book of poetry and it sets me new challenges.
Please find below the first poem I ever wrote and it’s featured in the book of the same title Blinded by the Write.

Blinded by the Write….

Time passes so slowly, trapped in a world so dark
Life at the moment seems so very stark
Undistinguishable between night and day
One day a cure, I hope I pray.

Sensitive touches and colours are clues
How are the reds, cold are the blues
Yellow is the warmth of the sun
Green is the grass on which I wish I could run

Senses heightened, both sound and smell
My brain they’re educating me with a story to tell
My imagination is filled with adventures and fun
Maybe recovery has already begun

Not in the physical way at least not today
But in my mindset, it drifts far away
Internal visions, my thoughts roam free
This is my reality
This is me

The birds sing their chorus, chirpy chirpy cheep
Oh how I wish that my eyes could peep
The sea plays its music, its roar, its beat
Feeling the sand was such a treat on my feet
The salty ocean breeze stings my face
So lucky to be in my favourite place

So trapped in the sense of my physical being
With my eyes that unfortunately are now hardly seeing
But beat me it won’t, I’ll ring that bell
To the tune of blindness
You can go to hell

About the Author

My name is Dominic ( Dom ). I was born in August of  1969 in Halifax, West Yorkshire. I grew up living all over the UK and also being lucky enough to live in Hong Kong due to my Dad being in the Royal Navy. Schooled at infant, junior and comprehensive levels with mixed exam results.

My working life was also mixed and I held several positions.
Then came the fateful day when I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa ( RP ) at the age of 21. My life got turned upside down with the diagnosis and the fact that my vision had started to deteriorate over the following years would leave me with zero peripheral vision in either eye and my central vision in my right eye was pretty much shot leaving me pretty much blind.

It was shortly after this that I found poetry which was unexpected but friends and family thought my work was fab so I put a little out there for the public to sample the response was amazing, so I wrote a few more poems and decided to have a bash at a book, so here we are. Please bear in mind that at school I hated poetry and detested Shakespeare and the classical poets and poetry, so in my book, you will get my kind of poetry, written my way, I call it unclassically modern.

For those who read the book, I hope that you draw some inspiration from it and realise that even with a disability we can achieve wonderful things.
The book is available to buy on Amazon.


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