Pine View Institute

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Before I begin, I would like to thank Author’s Lounge, for inviting me to talk about my book, and also about myself.

As an author, I love doing both. I hope that when readers grab a copy, they will enjoy reading the tale as much as I loved writing it.
Writing “Pine View Institute” took my own mind into some dark places, but also brought amazing enlightening moments. I wanted the main character to be a strong woman with intelligence. Bit also a woman who knows when it is time to accept that she needs to ask for help.

“Opening her eyes, Kelly is at first confused. The room she is in, isn’t familiar. She can’t remember anything about her life. Even her own name escaped her for a moment. After deciding she actually knows her name, Kelly is terrified. With her emotions in turmoil, the one thought foremost in her mind, is anger at her situation, and knowing she doesn’t belong in the strange place. Getting out, might not be easy. Nor will finding answers as to why she is for all intents, and purposes, a prisoner. The only optimism Kelly can find, is that she isn’t alone in her captivity. Hopefully she can find someone to help her with the escape from the living hell she finds herself in. Kelly also needs to unravel the twists and turns that have bound her memory, and who did this to her.”

Welcome to Pine View Institute, where nothing is as it seems.

Like Kelly, I woke one night a bit disoriented. Trying to find my way back to dreamland, the idea for this story began floating through my mind. Until I placed the thoughts son paper, I knew they would not go away. I have had this experience many times since I began writing in 2012. I have published 75 books since I began this journey. Although health issues have me slowing down, those crazy ideas keep floating in my mind. They nudge at me, while I am awake and asleep.

I would never have done any of this without a supportive family, and amazing readers.

It is the readers who grab a book, then add their own imaginations to the story, and take the tale to new levels. What an incredible concept. Writing, for me, is a chance to connect with others and take them along on the journeys I begin. I have been lucky to receive wonderful reviews from others. I have also been given great advice from other writers. I try to read as much as I can and leave reviews for fellow authors, as a way to give back. I read about a thousand books a year, when I am feeling up to it.

I feel the book, “Pine View Institute”, can be enjoyed by adults, and also young adults. I try to keep the book writing at a level for all ages to enjoy. The book was a challenge to write. Having a character, like Kelly, going through emotional trauma, and in a desperate situation, is tough. You have to step into your characters’ shoes.

Walk the miles with them, and experience the things they do.

Sometimes, while writing tales like “Pine View Institute”, I have to step back, move away and talk a long walk, and just clear my mind and take a few refreshing breaths. Then it is back to pen, and paper. I write the books longhand. I feel a better connection somehow, when I do that. Of course, then I have to struggle and type the words before I get the whole thing published. For me, it has been a great way to step back from life problems, and put those troubles into the pages of the books, instead of rolling around in my head.

I hope readers will look at my other books as well, then grab one, two or 75.

I write everything from Children’s books, to Young adult, adult and even have some adult comic books that throw some fun into the dreaded golden years.

Hope all will join me, and take the journey. I always say a book isn’t happy, until it is read and loved by others.

Thanks again to Authors’ Lounge for thinking of me.

They can also find my Facebook page here. Click here

Readers can find “Pine View Institute” on Amazon here.

P.S. Winn


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