Paradise On Earth With Words

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My book is about that may happen daily it’s classical poetry which go on overtime they consist of activities experiences participated when outdoors as recreation observations I’ve noticed around the ocean and surrounding areas.

What inspired me were poets like Jim Morrison Edgar Allen Poe after I been writing since 1991 which then I saw a pattern emerge and realized it was related somehow to a particular topic that are alike and gathered many writings as I could of the same subject after I traveled on a cargo ship I had a lot of experience being on the high seas I applied what’s related to the coast in first collection Paradise on Earth with Words Collection 1: oceanic

Poetic Reflections: Empowering Teens, Inspiring Curiosity, and Bridging Understanding for People of All Abilities

I would like to reach an audience that are growing up in their mid to late teen years and people who have an interest on what these poems describe also help the disabled to know what it’s like to have an idea to learn more about the world around them. I would like people to be able to read these poems to make them more aware to recall moments in time to improve memory or know prior to what to expect if they haven’t been through some situations of the poems in the books I have written or about to experience them my future plans for the book to be place them in books stores be translated in other languages also use for academic studies in some way as well, place them in library as reference material.

I’m from Evanston Illinois I’ve attended poetry symposium in Washington D.C. from the international society of poets I had recorded a poem to music from columbine records I received an award plaque from the library of congress for a poem titled Masterpiece I’ve been published in anthologies titled a celebration of poets published by the poetry guild published in 1998 America at the Millennium published in 2000 by

A Treasury of Great Poems by famous poet society Published in 2000 timeless voices published in 2006. In 2023 I’ve been published in Anthologies by Manda publishers entitled a World Of My Words, Locked Hearts, Ink And Embers and Quills Symphony as well as 120 best poems volume 7 yet another one is entitled Noise Of Untold Words Paradise on Earth With Words collection 1: Oceanic that’s been published in 2021 by tell poetry available on Walmart Amazon.

Diverse Publications and Recognition: Exploring Eric Scott Grand’s Poetry Journey

Barnes and noble websites is one of 5 in a series of poems. I’ve also published books titled Paradise on Earth with words collection 2: Social Society (in hardcover paper back) available on Amazon and Barnes & noble website published by tell tell poetry in 2022. Paradise on Earth with Words Collection 3 : Love to Live by tell tell poetry available on Amazon and Barnes & noble.

I’ve been featured in a section of magazine with article interview giving details of books by Voraka Magazine to promote Paradise on Earth with Words Collection 3 Love to Live in August 2023 issue I’ve published. Another poetry book titled Aspirational Goals published by Manda publishers 2023 available on Amazon in paperback and republished by urban book publishers available on LuLu.Com also in paperback by my book Paradise on Earth with words collection 2: Social Society has been displayed at London Book fair April 2023 by URL link print and media my book Paradise on Earth with words collection 2: Social society see I’ve attended writers workshops and read open mic your able to visit my websites at and https://and

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