Outsupered II

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Superheroes: Passe or Primed For A Reboot?

I thank the ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge for showing interest in my superhero genre novel ‘Outsupered II: Arrival of the Omniterrestrials.’ But in order to describe it, first know that it is the sequel to my original novel ‘Outsupered.’ In that novel, I fused two of my favorite pet subjects; a lifelong love of superheroes and their fantastically impossible exploits, and my hobby obsessions with deep state conspiracy theories.

That first outing explores the question of what if the rumors of an “illuminati” type cabal of global villains are true, and humanity’s only hope is a group of superpowered ‘heroes’ that the public has been convinced by a paranoid, manipulated government are a threat and were banned, who must now be brought back into action to stand against the machinations if the cabal when it makes its move at global domination, aided possibly by malevolent extraterrestrials and the most powerful superbeing on the planet turned rogue.

The surviving team of heroes from that epic encounter are brought back yet again, in ‘Outsupered II,’ in which the aforementioned “omniterrestrials,” the cosmic race of giants from Biblical times, the Nefilim, return to Earth to reclaim their dominion over it and mankind. The last time they were here, the only one able to oppose them was

The Creator Himself. Now in the modern era, where ‘God’ appears to have taken a more “hands-off” approach, they have come back. Can mere ‘superheroes’ oppose this abominable distortion of a ‘second coming,’ or does humanity face a dooming return of global slavery to a race of ‘masters’ they can hardly even comprehend?

My hero characters outwardly may appear based on established characters from the pages of comicbooks, but they are in fact the embodiments of societal concepts that affect everyone, like honesty, courage, strength… along with pride, arrogance, and even money. They are also diverse enough to include heroes based on various beliefs and lifestyles. In addition to the enormous challenges they face, they must cast aside their own warring differences in order to work as a cohesive team, unified against a common foe.

The underlying denouement is that yes, unity that respects individuality yet inspires meaningful accomplishments is not just possible, but necessary for survival. Produced early in my writing career, the two novels are lightly peppered with my acerbic wit, and yeah, flawed grammar and punctuality. Those who’ve read and reviewed them still say they are fun reads, and I invite you to get your cape on and join the adventure. It was written with respect for the genre, and for the reader. Your time is precious and not to be wasted on trendy fodder.


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