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ReadersMagnet Review | Coming Soon  205 Thought from the Heart of a Man 205, Thoughts from the Heart of a Man, is a collection of my poetry for encouragement and guidance.

The contents of my book are from the brokenness of a man who has accepted the truth about myself. In our quest for peace a person has to be sure there is hope. Suffering will come to us all, but we must endure to the end. I like “Authors Lounge” for allowing fellow authors and myself to use this platform.

When you read my poems, remember I have opened my heart up to you the reader. Make no mistake of my motive. My sole purpose is to be transparent so that others can see they’re not alone.

Now let’s take a look at how interesting writing is for me.  For the most part writing can be challenging if there’s nothing to stir up a thought or an idea.  The focus of writing expressively must be directed on a specific topic like an, “Open Book,” for instance. When I write I express myself openly so that others may learn that transparency can be a healing process but most men find it to be to revealing.

The subjects and topics that I prefer to write about rouses up some pretty strong emotions.  Let’s think about poverty for this subject.  The poor are subjected to all kinds of hardships.  When I see our homeless it’s a heart felt reality just to want to give something back.  Their personal state may cause me to write a poem for encouragement so at times I would sit down with a pen and paper and speak directly from my heart to the less fortunate.  I would like others to know that I care so I’m compelled to compose a poem entitled, “I Care.”  “I care because I am someone that has lived close to the poverty line. God has revealed to me that everything is going to be just fine.

He said, “I care for all and that all is mine.”  We are his branches and he is the Vine.”    Before I started writing as a hobby it never took long to stir up my inner thoughts.  I was constantly thinking of ways to relieve my mind from the stress of everyday life.  But, as soon as I grabbed a pen or a pencil and some paper my world came alive.

I felt compelled to explore my emotions however my mind would race and my heart would beat carrying me to a peaceful state.  For the most part my writing caused me to take action so I would write down some spiritually enlighten questions that motivated me to take a personal look at myself.

One question that always sparked interest in my life was, “How can I live better as a man of God.”  So, from that one question raised several other inspiring texts like, “Peace Be Still,” “Trouble Won’t Last,” and “God Is With You.”  These titles when reflected upon in my writing refreshed my soul.

In addition to being a stimulant for my spirit and refreshment for my soul expressive writing kept me grounded.  Especially, when I write poetry that’s positive, ultimately this is a stress reliever.  Such poems as, “Trouble Won’t Last,” I tend to remember that everyday troubles won’t be forever when I think of positive motivating thoughts.  I express myself openly but most men find it mushy to tell all.  It doesn’t bother me to say that I cry because crying cleanses my soul.  Again, the cleansing of my soul is connected to me being open and being open is connected to me being expressive. So again, using “Authors Lounge,” gives me the access to let others know what to expect from my poetry.

Therefore expressing myself openly to my audience I gain great joy in knowing that others actually feel the way that I do.  They just may be afraid that someone might judge them for saying what’s on their heart.  If I write openly about, loving me for who I am and not for what I’m worth then I have succeeded in expressing the feelings of most of my audience.

As a result writing stimulates my mind in the same way as reading does for some.  Revealing myself to others may cause some to think that transparency is too trivial or to revealing.  My audience may not want to open up and reveal themselves but it will cause some healing if they express their on truths.  Is there anything more that can be done for my reader to see that writing can help relieve stress?

“Let it flow.”   Remember, I have fallen several times- as we all do- but I will get back up so others may learn from my love to preserve. Love is the core of the book -that’s why I exist Enjoy with hope and thanks giving. Thanks again to the “Authors Lounge.”

Love and blessings to you sincerely.
Alan Alston Sr.


  1. Melissa

    Reading a poem can be the motivation and encouragement that someone needs. All these writings can help a friend or family member look at a situation with hope and excitement rather than fear and depression – the verses may be the encouragement they need.

    • faye

      You took the words right out of my mouth.


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