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My name is Martin K. Ettington and I’m both an Engineer and an Author. My technical career was mostly in Information Technology for Fortune 100 companies. My passion in life has also been to learn the secrets of many unusual subjects like learning to live longer, immortality, the paranormal and spiritual growth. Most of my books has undergo an intensive research, backed by verbatim words from my subjects such as people who lived well from 100 years old to over 200 years old and more. It has pictures also for “proof”.

These interests led me to write over 100 books from the unique point of view of an analytical technical person and experienced researcher of many strange phenomena. My books are written mostly in 12 different categories which can all be found on my website at:

Each of my books provides an unconventional point of view on many subjects which scientists are often afraid to touch due to worries of being called nuts or of being disparaged. You will find these books to be pretty enjoyable too.

Here are summaries of most of the major categories:

Longevity and Immortality

I’ve written over 10 books on longevity and immortality and many of them cover how we can learn to live a lifestyle which can help to extend our lives by decades. Included is much of my research on long lived persons who have lived well into their mid 100s, to over 200 years, and more. My most important title is: The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

The Paranormal

I’ve had many experiences of premonitions and prophecy. This led to my interest in the paranormal generally and what I’ve learned from my experiences. Many of these books cover specific types of paranormal experiences in depth. My best known title is: God Like Powers and Abilities

Ancient Civilizations

My interest in ancient civilizations led to a series of books on ancient mysteries of humanity and Out of Place Objects. These books tie together with common themes. My best known work is titled: The Real Atlantis in the Eye of the Sahara


My main experience in Spiritual Growth is from meditation and enlightenment experiences. My books in this category explore the enlightenment process, my enlightenment and healing experiences and much more. My best known title is: The Enlightenment Experience

Living in Space

Growing up in the 1960s the Space program and race to the moon was part of my childhood. In fact, I worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center for a couple of years in the mid-1980s. My books cover many popular books about space travel and living in space. My best known title is: Designing and Building Space Colonies.


My experiences becoming an Eagle Scout and doing lots of winter camping growing up probably led to my interests in survival. My best known book in this category is:  Survival of Humanity Throughout the Ages

Time and Dimensions

Having taken and lot of Physics in College, and with my experiences of premonitions; Time and Dimensions have become a big interest of mine. My best known title in this category is: The Real Nature of Time: An Analysis of Physics, Prophecy, and Time Travel Experiences

Aliens and UFOs

UFOs, USOs, and alien bases have long been an interest of mine so I wrote a group of books on these topics. These books cover aliens in human history, alien technology, anti-gravity, and more. My best known title is: Unidentified Submerged Objects and Underwater Bases

Legendary Animals

There are many animals like dragons, thunderbirds, and sea serpents which may exist but the evidence is sketchy. These books go into this subject in depth. My best know work on this subject is titled: Are Cryptozoological Animals Real or Imaginary?

Coaching and Business

I developed a longevity coaching program and wrote books on how to coach and other related subjects. My best known work in this field is: Building a Successful Professional Coaching Business-Including a 90 Day Jumpstart Plan

Science Fiction

In this category I’ve written a number of science fiction books mainly on immortality, and alternative dimensions. My best known title is the following: The Immortals of the Interstellar Colony

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