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Years ago, when I was in college studying business management, I found the works of Abraham Maslow. Maslow studied a group people who functioned from a completely different level that everyone else he knew.  He said these people were the healthiest people in our society, they were also the happiest.  They were usually highly accomplished, and he said they were highly creative and highly intuitive. He said, they were able to fulfill all of their needs and desires right within themselves. He coined the term “self-actualized” to describe these people. 

I thought that if some people can function from this higher level of functioning it has to be a human potential and there had to be a way to develop it.  I determined that I would find a way to do that and fortunately I did, but it was years later.

When I left college, I wanted to travel and a good way to travel is to work for an airline.  I became a flight attendant with Northwest Orient Airlines which has now merged with Delta.  I was able to travel around the world and enjoyed it, but I kept having this strong feeling that there was something else I should be doing.

At that time, I had many questions, like “what is life really all about?” “Why am I here and what should I be doing with my life?” 

Back in those days, smoking was the “in” thing.  All the glamorous people were doing it, so I started smoking when I became a flight attendant.  I hated the fact that I had become addicted to cigarettes, so I quit, on a regular basis!

One day I found an article in a magazine about some breathing exercises that would help one quit smoking.  I found the author, and she was a yoga teacher.  She taught me the breathing exercises and some yoga postures.  I wanted to do them more often than weekly when I went to yoga classes.  I found some books on yoga breathing exercises and postures.  I also found a book on meditation and focusing techniques.  From these books I put together a routine of things I started doing on a daily basis, and my whole life changed.

I stopped smoking and have had no desire for a cigarette since, but many other things changed as well.  My energy started increasing and I started feeling younger.  I had the energy of a 16-year-old again.  My mind became much clearer, and then I realized that I was knowing things that I had no way of knowing.  I just knew things like who was calling when the phone rang and that was years before caller ID.

I started experimenting with asking questions and I got answers.  I checked out my answers and they were accurate.  So, I started asking bigger questions.  Questions that to my knowledge had no known answers. 

My experience had been that life just happens, that I had no control over it. But I had a feeling that somehow, we are all playing a role in creating our experiences. One day after I had been working with the process for some time, at the end of a day of silence and meditation I just said, “ Dear God, if there is a God (I was questioning everything in those days) I really want to understand what life is all about – how it all works – why I am here and what I should be doing”.

I had a most profound experience that I wasn’t even able to talk about for years.  I could clearly see that there is just wholeness and everything in existence is contained in this wholeness which is all pure love. I could see that there is an intelligence that is moving and forming energy into all of existence.  I could see that all of existence is love, intelligence and energy.

I knew that we are love, intelligence and energy and that we are creating our own experiences.  I also saw how we do it. I knew that there are laws of nature and principles of life that govern how we do that.  I could see that there is a 7-step process for creating anything.

It also came to me very clearly that my purpose here, is to understand this knowledge and share it with the world.  I agreed to do that, but I didn’t have a clue about how to do it.  So, of course, I asked. My answer was, “When the time is right you will know”.

Even though I couldn’t talk about this experience, I clearly knew how the creative process works and I knew I could use it to create whatever I chose to create. 

I needed to prove to myself that the knowledge I had been given was correct, and that I clearly understood it.  I knew I needed to prove it in a very material way that left me with no doubt, and something I could show others.

I wanted this goal to be something I couldn’t have possibly accomplished the traditional way.  I started working with the 7-step process and created a new business, a townhouse development, two townhouses, one for myself and one to rent out for income.  I added new furniture including my baby grad piano and a new car.  That was as much as I could imagine at the time, and it was certainly much more than I could have accomplished before.

I knew I could manifest this choice within a year and I did.  I like to tell the story of how it happened, but I am running over my space for this.   

I still didn’t know how to share this knowledge, so the next thing I chose to create was someone to share my life with.  I worked through the 7 steps and attracted my perfect mate.  We were happily married for 37 years before he passed away January 1, 2016.  He was the first person I was able to share this knowledge with, and he begin working with the process to create his ideal work as the director a research foundation, doing research into how thought and consciousness affects all areas of life.

I knew I was ready to share this knowledge and we founded Unlimited Futures LLC, an organization that has been providing program for the development of human potential for over 30 years.

My latest book titled “Unlimited: How Ordinary People Accomplish Extraordinary Things” is an account of how we and many others form all walks of life, have used this process to create whatever we chose to create. 






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