Odin’s Story by Nathan Anderson

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Odin’s Story: Book of Urd is part one of a mythological trilogy showing the rise of the Norse/ European gods and goddesses following a reconstructed timeline inspired by the Eddas. Using Norse, Germanic, Greek and folklore spreading around the world.

Odin tells you the intricate details of his rise as King of the gods dealing with tribes of monsters and sometimes other godly nations. Exploring folklore involving vampires, zombies and werewolves, Odin explains the Norse gods’ connection to the amazing landscapes that exist today. The trilogy explores deep psychological lessons while remaining in the realm of fantasy. Most chapter headings hint towards the evolution of a mythological character that exists today…Santa Claus.

The stories in the Norse god sagas and the similarities in characters shared in pantheons over the world.

I found it fascinating how many traditions celebrated today originated from a story much older than the Bible. The Easter bunny and the Easter eggs, Christmas and Santa Claus all seemed to be added into Christianity without any real link to the biblical stories. After finding some old tales removed from the Bible I found a character similarity between Solomon and Odin. Each tale I uncovered seemed to be a missing piece of the newly discovered Norse god tales. Stories like the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as well as Game of Thrones inspired me.to write this fantasy epic.

My target audience is those interested in mythology and folklore.

Gods, monsters and religious lore all mixed are not only educational but inspirational. People learning about Norse paganism or Germanic heathenry. Anyone looking for an amazing story that is a legend but borders on the line of realism.

I hope my readers become educated from my books and inspired to look deeper than the surface of the original stories. I want them to not only learn about similar characters throughout the world but discover a little piece of themselves while reading.

My future goals are to release the final book in the trilogy series around the winter season.

It will show Odin regaining his godhood and becoming Santa Claus on his journey reuniting the gods to take on God and Lucifer/ Loki. I am currently writings a side story of the great tales from Thor’s perspective. Showing the rise of a god of heroes while teaching the spiritual lessons involving the development of a god. No release date yet as I have only begun writing the first drafts.

I am a father and a husband that works three jobs including the writing books.

Long hours and challenged constantly with the difficult realisation that life balance is hard to obtain in such an unstable financial market. I spend 12.5 hours a day driving trucks out at the mines and in my time at home try to be a present father and run a Personal training business. Between those and sleep I find my time to write because it allows my mind and imagination to run free from the shackles of reality.


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