Not Going Gently : A Psychologist fight back against Alzheimer’s for her Mother

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Not Going Gently: A Psychologist fight back against Alzheimer’s for her mother By Constance L. Vincent, PhD

My first blog for Author’s Lounge concerns my very personal motive to write Not Going Gently:  A Psychologist Fights Back Against Alzheimer’s for Her Mother. . .and Perhaps Herself.

At the time when my parents first began to have memory problems, I was in denial. As a psychologist who taught university classes on aging, I had always emphasized to my students the positive aspects of growing older. Alzheimer’s disease had never been on my radar. It was now.

Especially because of my mother’s experiences, I wanted to reach out to others who are at risk, either by age or genetics, and give them the information they need. I also wanted to learn what my own risks might be, considering my genes.  The result became more than an honest memoir that shares in my mother’s own words what it feels like to have dementia.  Not Going Gently also includes the remarkable new research developments I found and gives much more information about the disease itself:  the warning signs, myths, risks, diagnosis, and stages that would help me and others to prevent our own future dementia.

I learned that instead of fear and denial, we can all act with hope:

—as individuals, to begin preventive methods now,

—as families, to plan now for the future care of ourselves and loved ones,

—and as society, to support the new research, which I included, that will provide the means to end, or at least to curtail, the rapid increase in the numbers of people with Alzheimer’s.

I sincerely hope that all the readers of Authors’ Lounge will realize it is time now not only to fight Alzheimer’s, but also to take better care of those individuals who have the disease!

Feedback from a key research scientist, Erik Erickson:

“I would highly recommend this memoir to anyone attempting to understand the complex changes that occur in Alzheimer’s disease and to learn what to help for, and what to expect, in the course of the disease.”

Feedback from the prestigious Kirkus review that featured my book:

“Vincent is an adept writer, both when it comes to engrossing storytelling. . .and in delivering medical facts with significant weight . . A quick, emotional, and educational memoir about Alzheimer’s.”

Feedback from readers: 95% five-star reviews on Amazon. com, such as this one:

“Not Going Gently” is a touching and harrowing narrative combined with the latest scientific/medical facts about the disease. Most practical books are slow reads. Yours is so personal and compelling. Most of us, in our lives, will need a book like this to help us through the tough times when a friend or family member may be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

How has writing about Alzheimer’s disease affected readers??  I have been fortunate to hear from many readers.  Here is a sample quote:

“You’ve given me a lot of information—regarding nutrition, etc.—that I’ve already started trying to put into practice with my own family. And your encouragement to have conversations with family and to be prepared for the worst has prompted me to start broaching these subjects with my parents as well. So your story, your encouragement, and your impressive research, I think, really leave an impression on your readers.”

Another reader said:

“As a primary caregiver for a family member in the first stages of this disease, I found this book extremely helpful and enlightening and would highly recommend it to all baby boomers who are or might possibly be caring for aging loved ones.”

Many other readers described Not Going Gently in words such as these:

“Needs to be told—so many others will be able to identify with this.”

“Wonderful, wise, profound, and touching”

“Full of love and loss”

“Your story touched my heart.”

“Especially touching were Madeline’s feelings about what it is like to live with dementia.” 

From another reader struggling with Mild Cognitive Impairment:

“I immediately went out and bought the supplements mentioned and was amazed at the results obtained.  I can’t believe how much these supplements have helped me.”

I hope that these words will help the readers of Authors’ Lounge as well. I wish you all good health and happiness.  

Constance L. Vincent earned a PhD in Psychology at the University of California, Irvine. 

She and her husband live in Menlo Park, CA. 

Not Going Gently is available on


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