Non-Alcoholic Alternatives One Can Drink in Place of Alcohol

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Providing family help to an alcoholic will be harrowing, but persistence is important. Only with a dedicated approach can a problem be solved and a life saved.

Family is often the best help for alcoholics, but for that to begin, there must be a general awareness from the person of how they engage with alcohol. Here are a few tips you can teach an alcoholic family member to slowly wean them off of drinking alcohol:

  • Always have a bottle of water ready when you are out for a drink to fill your body up.
  • Begin having drinks that have lower alcoholic content and try to choose them over the ones you usually have.
  • Create a rigid schedule for drinking and dilute drinks with ice or soda.
  • Discover communities of like-minded individuals either online or in real life and participate proactively in events.
  • Establish alcohol-free zones in places you frequent, especially in your house and your hangouts.
  • Identify what makes you reach out for a drink. There are myriad reasons why someone might have a drink, and knowing these reasons is vital to fighting off addiction.
  • If you are drinking, alternate with alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages to mitigate the chances of inebriation.
  • Mark the days of the week when you won’t be drinking alcohol. Start out with one day and progressively go with marking every day of the week as alcohol-free.
  • Volunteer to be a designated driver to force yourself to slow down from drinking or forego it entirely.

Reining in your impulses and lessening your drinking habits are very beneficial to the body and the mind. Consistent sobriety improves one’s overall health while giving you a better appearance. It also enhances your mental and psychological health. Drinking less also leads to significant weight loss. 

But to keep things consistent, you have to learn to like drinking non-alcoholic alternatives and prefer them over alcoholic ones. Drinking is an ancient pastime, and entirely eliminating it will be extremely difficult. The next best thing is to drink responsibly with non-alcoholic alternatives.

A List of Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

Alcohol-Free Beer

There is a growing consumer base for alcohol-free beer or, at the least, beer with very low alcohol content. This is because beer is a very popular drink; even people who normally don’t drink alcohol would agree so. Also, this preference isn’t only from the ground up. Major beer brands all over the world have been encouraging sales of alcohol-free beer too. 

What makes this a brilliant drink is that it still allows for drinking sessions, bar crawls, etcetera, etcetera, while removing the danger of alcohol. 

In the craft beer scene, there has also been a booming market for alcohol-free beer, which is surprisingly attracting an increasing base of young drinkers.

Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

Another growing trend of alcohol-free alternatives is alcohol-free sparkling wine. While beer and spirit manufacturers have already made in-roads and headways into the alcohol-free market, the wine industry has been comparatively slow in embracing the demand.  

But now the industry has seen the writing on the wall and is now getting in with the game.


This is a traditional fermented tea that is said to come from China, where it is still a common drink. Lightly effervescent and sweetened, kombucha is gaining ground, especially among young drinkers and suburbanites, because of its probiotic and antioxidant properties. 

It distinguishes itself from alcohol because while it has a low alcoholic content, kombucha is also far, far healthier than the alternatives. 


The best way to describe a mocktail is that it is a cocktail without liquor and has in place juice, soda, infused water, and plenty of other non-alcoholic ingredients. Compared to cocktails, there have yet to be specific mocktails that have gained widespread popularity since most modern mocktails are prepared fresh at a restaurant or bar and will differ greatly from place to place. 


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