Noah and the Flood

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In the days before the flood, people lived for hundreds of years in what is known as the Antediluvian period; some even lived over nine hundred years.  The reason for t his was that the earth was in a much different state.  There was a mist surrounding the earth and the plants grew to enormous sizes.  The food was more pure than it is today and living conditions were much different.  Also, you can imagine how many people there must have been by then!  Who knows how many children a couple could have in nine hundred years.  I have some idea of how that works, as I have ten kids and a multitude of grand kids and great grand kids.

There was one man that God was especially pleased with by the name of Enoch.  He was a few generations down from Adam.  God walked and talked with him because of his faithfulness and his pure heart.  God instructed him in how to form a Zion society.  A Zion society is God’s perfect plan for His children where all are of one mind and heart, have all things in common and there is no poor among them. They all wish to do it God’s way, and that has nothing to do with wealth, but everything to do with how we treat each other….with love, kindness, understanding, patience and all other Godly attributes.   It is done on a completely voluntary basis.  Absolutely no force or control.  God told Enoch that he was going to have to destroy mankind because they had become of wicked and corrupt that he could no longer tolerate them  to live on earth, and he wanted to prepare a way for those who loved Him to escape to flood.  For three hundred and sixty five years Enoch worked with his people, perfecting them.  God did take the whole City of Enoch from off the earth.  One writer suggested that the City of Enoch was floating above the earth for several years receiving repentant people before the flood came.  With God, nothing is impossible.  For one hundred and twenty years before the flood, Noah, who was a descendant of Enoch, was told by God to build an Ark.  He was scoffed and scorned and laughed at, but so what!  He knew what God was going to do, so let them laugh.

Finally, the rains did come and Noah and his family were aboard the Ark with animals of all kinds, seeds and all the things that God had told them to prepare.  It rained for forty days and forty nights.  It took several months for the waters to subside after it stopped raining.  God Promised that He’d never destroy the wicked from the earth with water again, but said next time it would be by fire.  He placed the reinbow in the sky as a sign of His covenant.  He says the year a rainbow does not appear, that will be the year Christ comes for the Second time.  After Noah began working the earth again, after the water had receded and dried out, his family began to reproduce and start the process all over again.

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We go now from Noah to the next great Prophet which was Abraham.  Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, who we presume to be Shem, the son of Noah, who would have had to be a good old ripe age for the population to have grown so much.

Abraham’s father Terah,  was a wicked man who worshiped idols and did not respect God.  Abraham hated that as he loved God and wished to do His will.  God had told him that he was chosen before he was born to fulfull a very important mission on earth.  While he lived in Ur, he was known as Abaram and wife was Sariah.

God Commanded Abaram to remove himself and family to another land away from the Idolatry.  So he took his family, goods, cattle, wealth, etc and moved to the land of Canaan where God continued to work with him.  It was because of his devotion and obedience to God that he was chosen to become who his is.  God changed his name to Abraham and Sariah’s to Sarah, and promised Abraham that he would become the Father of Nations.  Abraham and Sarah grew old and still no offspring. How could he possibly be the father of Nations if he no children?  Finally Sarah told Abraham to take one of her handmaids, Hagar to wife so she could bear him children.  He did and she bore Ishmael .  Then two angels came and told Abraham that Sarah would bear a son.  She was ninety years old.  She heard what the angels said and laughed.  The Lord chastised her.  With Him nothing is impossible. She did conceive and had a son whom they named Isaac.  She became jealous of Hagar and Ishmael and told Abraham to send Hagar and her son away.  He did as she ask and it was very difficult for Hagar as she thought they would perish.  However, an angel came and provided the necessary help so they would not perish in the desert and told Hagar that Ishmael would also be a father of a great nation….and for hundreds of years a Holy War has been waged between the House of Israel and the Arab nations because each claims to have the birth right.  However, God promised that the house of Israel would continue on down through the centuries and would ultimately be the chosen people to bring forth His might works in the last days.  So Abraham was Isaac’s father, Isaac was Jacob’s father and through Jacob came the came the Twelve tribes of Israel.

The Tribes we’re interested in here are Judah who was Leah’s son, and Joseph who was Rachel’s son.  King David came through the line of Judah and Jesus came through that line.  Joseph’s line ended up coming to the Promised Land around 600 B.C.

The story of Jacob and his twelve sons is a very interesting one that I loved hearing over and over again at my daddy’s knee, but my very favorite was about Joseph being sold to a caravan of men that took him to Egypt where became next to Pharaoh in importance.  It’s a long story, by very important as it ties in with the seed of Abraham coming to the America’s  When Joseph was in Egypt, he married a woman that bore him two sons, E[Ephraim and Manasseh.  It was their posterity that came to American and the Book of Mormon is their record.  That history is for everyone, not just Mormon’s or potential Mormon’s

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