No way out by Timothy Paul Brown

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No Way Out is a book that comes directly from the mind of a man who lives with a debilitating illness called paranoid schizophrenia. That man is me. I was first diagnosed with this illness at the age of 18.

I was a drug addict and alcoholic for a major part of my life.

I was on the streets. Sent to jail. Put in mental asylums. Lived in numerous homeless shelters and halfway houses. My mind was a complete waste. I developed horrific symptoms that haunt me to this day. I developed what is called paranoid delusions. Paranoid delusions is when you feel suspicious or fearful of something that is not within the realms of reality. I also have what they called grandiose delusions where I believe I am something other than what I am for example I may believe I am God or Jesus Christ. I have what they call obsessive compulsive disorder. I have depression and mania. I have PTSD as a result of growing up in an abusive household. I have what is called borderline personality disorder. I also have what is called dissociative disorder. These are just diagnoses. I actually live it on a daily basis.

My book No Way Out deals with the jail cell of the mind which is my illness.

It literally feels like I have no way out of this. This causes me a lot of pain. No Way Out shows this pain in artistic and poetic form. I’m taking my pain and turning it into art. No Way Out is about freedom of mind, body, and spirit. There are so many who feel like they have no way out of their pain. This book is for people who are in that space. What I go through is very misunderstood and judged most of the time. There are people just like me out there who needs someone to tell their story. Someone who gives them a voice. Someone to identify with.

These are the people I am trying to reach.

I’m trying to reach those who have no understanding of what it is like to have a mental disability. I’m trying to reach those who have loved ones living with this disability. I’m trying to reach those who work with us. Such as social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and all those we receive services from. I know that not only will it help them to help us, but it will give them firsthand knowledge of what it is truly like to go through what we go through. In turn it will give them knowledge on how to treat us as thinking, feeling human beings.

My work helps dispel some of the stigmas placed on us by society.

It helps people not only understand us better, but it gives them reason to feel compassion, sympathy, even empathy for us. Maybe some of the phobias surrounding this illness with be eradicated. This book is for all practitioners, loved ones, and society at large. And most importantly for those who live with this illness. I’m hoping readers will see my strength and my fearlessness, my tenacity, my zest for life, my knowledge, wisdom, and acute understanding. I want people to take away hope, love and find faith within themselves and others to not be afraid to express themselves when they are fearful or when they are feeling down or persecuted. I want them to know it’s alright and it’s perfectly okay to express these things.

My goal with No Way Out is to sell 10,000 plus copies worldwide.

. If it can do better numbers than that I would be very grateful. Take a chance on it. You won’t be disappointed. It is guaranteed to entertain at the same time give insight. Peace and Love to everyone. Enjoy my book No Way Out!


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