Nature as Inspiration for Children’s Literature

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While it’s written primarily for children, Who’s Knocking at My Door? is a charming book that can bring out the childlike innocence in any reader interested. It merges the comfort found in nature and the enchantment in fantasy novels.

Everyone should have read children’s books or fables at least once or twice in their lives. These genres play a significant role in development and growth, especially for children, as they convey life lessons in an uncomplicated way for them to comprehend and consume quickly. A child’s attention is captivated by bringing animals and inanimate objects to life and giving them humanlike behavior. He is introduced to a world filled with endless possibilities and creativity.

Children’s literature has continuously been a staple genre for most authors to write, despite the seemingly decrease in demand caused by the rise of internet use and technological advancements. As there are benefits and lessons children may only acquire from reading these books, some parents prefer these over technology, hence giving authors the necessity to produce more content.

Terrie Stadler Writes Who’s Knocking at My Door? Based on a True to Life Experience, While Adding a Dash of Magic and Fantasy into It to Suit Her Chosen Audience

Who’s Knocking at My Door? is a children’s book about various birds & water life animals, set in the rural state of South Florida. Without giving out much of its storyline, children can expect a huge and interesting plot twist toward the ending affecting one of the animals in the story. You may only find out what it could be by purchasing and reading the book personally.

Stadler completed this book based on one of the most unusual experiences she encountered in her life: when a softshell turtle randomly came knocking at her door. From this incident alone, coupled with her wit and passion for creating stories, Stadler produced a whimsical and imaginative tale centering on a turtle’s journey through different situations. She envisioned the turtle’s reason for coming to her house and recounted it in her book.

“After a couple of very heavy downpours, the pond water rose a couple of feet above its original depth, a real blessing for the critters who might have survived this season’s drought.” An excerpt from this book shows that it doesn’t only focus on her unusual visitor. It also includes other wildlife animals that live in the area. Who’s Knocking at My Door? showcases these animals’ lives and routines through different seasons, narrating how Stadler imagines what these animals do to survive through these difficulties. This book embraces and captures the beauty that nature and its habitats offer.

About the Author

Before completing her first book, Terrie Stadler wasn’t an author or in any profession related to writing. Stadler lived out her career in West Palm Beach, Florida – explains how she got her unusual visitor and inspiration for her book – as a retired electrical drafter. Stadler only retired from her position as an electrical drafter after 36 years of working in the electronics industry.

Aside from this, she had also devoted most of her time researching alternative health therapies, looking for a remedy or treatment against a particular, yet undisclosed, health issue that has burdened her. She has also been doing this research that has lasted for about ten years to help patients with incurable diseases, like herself. However, it’s only in the most recent advancements in medicine in the 21st century that some remarkable medicinal treatments against these physical conditions have been found. Amidst her search, Stadler lives her lifelong dream of writing. This has been partially achieved by her debut publication, Who’s Knocking at My Door?


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