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What is your book all about?

My Christmas planner is basically a journal designed for helping women 18-65 years old plan out their holiday season. It comprises of sections for keeping track of important dates, gift ideas, budgeting, menu planning, and more.

There are also useful spaces for jotting down notes and brainstorming ideas.

It is everything you need to stay organized during the hectic holiday season and more! This thoughtfully composed planner is designed to help those women get a manageable handle of the festive holidays stress free. In light of that, they will stay on top while choosing to focus on what (the festive season) or who (family) which truly matters during the Christmas period.

This planner will help the said mentioned women to execute their tasks like a pro, while not taking away valuable time that they would enjoy with friends and loved ones. It will also eliminate exhaustion, the last minute rush and the haphazard approach. My Christmassy planner will help to keep them organized and on schedule, hence they will enjoy the Christmas season hustle and bustle relieved from start to finish. Every single aspect was tailored to facilitate their ultimate Christmas planning needs. The items included in this planner include, but is not limited to:

  • Christmas Wish List
  • Christmas To – Do- List
  • Christmas Expense Tracker
  • Christmas Reflections
  • Christmas Quotes

What inspired you to write the book?

My inspiration for writing this book was triggered by an unforgettable overwhelming experience that I had last Christmas planning, organizing and executing a Christmas family dinner. The process was so overwhelming and exhausted that I didn’t enjoy my time with friends and loved ones. Even though I jotted down things to do, many things were left undone, I felt overworked, under-prepared and ended up doing majority of the tasks last minute. I even went over my budget; hence I had to cut down my January expenditure to compensate. Many thoughts crossed my mind, the worst one was that, I felt as if I wouldn’t host another Christmas dinner again. After doing a thorough reflection, I thought to myself why not compose a planner to help others as well as myself to plan and execute Christmas tasks easily and stress-free?

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

In order to pull off great tasks you have to plan intentionally. Organizing and planning for Christmas can take a lot of time and work, but it’s worthwhile when you get the opportunity to relax and enjoy your hard scripted labor. By using a Christmas planner, you can take the stress out of Christmas and get to relax and enjoy the holiday season entirely. My absolute Christmas guide will help to:
• Reduce your stress of planning: simply because it will help you to prioritize and plan your holiday activities, reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed.
• Keep you better organized: this Christmas planner will help to keep you on track of your holiday shopping, gift lists, and to-do-list, ensuring that you don’t forget anything important.
• Increase your efficiency: By using this Christmas journal, you can plan and schedule your holiday activities and tasks, hence you can make the most of your time and avoid last-minute rush and confusion.
• Keep you on your budget: my Christmas planner will help you to keep track of your holiday expenditure, allowing you to stay within your budget and avoid unnecessary or over spending.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

My future goal is for this book to rank as Amazon’s number one best-selling book, as well as get in the hands of some of the most influential Christmas-centered women around the globe.

About Shanae

Shanae Cooper-Robinson is a 3 times author of the books:

• From the Root to the Fruit: Rising Above Adversities
• Christmas Planner : An Absolute Guide for Planning and Organizing Christmas Tasks
• The Ultimate Gratitude Journal : A Useful Guide to Make Gratitude a Habitual Attitude (all found on Amazon)
She is a Generativity Strategist, an Award- winning Speaker & Poet, Best-selling Author, Book Reviewer for the Nonfiction Authors’ Association, Educator, et al. Her book’s title From the Root to the Fruit was used for Jamaica Day 2023.


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