My Zestful Years by D.S. Kinahan

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I’m D.S. Kinahan and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to write. So, when it came time to head off to college, of course I chose to major in accounting. After spending more than thirty years working as a federal auditor at offices in New York, Massachusetts, and New Mexico, I eventually retired and relocated to Nevada. At first, I ended up spending way too much time and money at the casinos, so I decided to take a much larger gamble and write a novel.

It had always been my life-long dream to publish a book, but I never could come up with a solid idea for a story. (Let’s face it, accounting isn’t the most creative career.) While packing for the move to Nevada, I came across some old journals of mine that documented a very difficult period in my life. Their contents served as the basis for my very first novel. 

To date, I’ve authored five books, all chronicling the life experiences of a female CPA named Cathy. I felt the need to write my third book, My Zestful Years, so that she could finally find happiness after years of merely existing while living in the Boston area. The story takes place twenty years after Cathy’s initial introduction in my first book. Now newly-retired, she is anxious to purge the failed marriages, bad relationships, and unfortunate choices from her past so she can live her senior years to their fullest. 

Longing for a complete change in environment, she and her faithful Rottweiler, Bertha, move across the country to Zestful Acres, an active adult community located in the Phoenix area. This unique environment more than exceeds her expectations, providing an abundance of fun activities and new friendships she had hoped to find in her recently-adopted home. But then Cathy soon discovers a jaw-dropping benefit not mentioned in any of the Acres’ brochures: the opportunity for physical intimacy. 

First there’s Lando, a Southern hunk who is frustrated by the current sexless state of his marriage. He suggests to Cathy that they have an affair so she can fill this void in his life. And then there’s Steve, the Acres’ notorious womanizer who seems to be everywhere Cathy goes. His desire to include her in his endless list of conquests is made more obvious at every encounter. This book follows her adventures as she attempts to cautiously but happily navigate her retirement journey. 

While My Zestful Years is a totally fictional account, in the spirit of full disclosure I will admit I currently live in an active adult community. Like Cathy, I played ping pong with the guys when I first moved here and have owned a Rottweiler at one point in my life. (As they say, write about what you know.) However, I’ve been happily married for more than twenty-five years, so Cathy’s steamy dalliances with new lovers are all a figment of my shameless imagination. 

My Zestful Years is a feel-good read about taking chances on new beginnings. Because of its graphic sexual scenes, it is definitely meant for an adult audience. Since it deals with retirement and later-in-life relationships, this book should especially appeal to readers age fifty years and above.

What I’d like people to take away from My Zestful Years is that you’re never too old for a new romance. However, the goal when writing all my books has been to dispel the myth that accountants are boring, unexciting, prim and proper people, because it’s simply not true! We’re funny, loving, sensitive, sexual beings, just like anyone else. We just happen to like working with numbers.

If you’d like to find out more about My Zestful Years, please check out: and Hopefully you’ll find it an unforgettable five-star story that captivates you from beginning to end, as some of its readers have noted in their reviews. Thank you, Author’s Lounge, for the opportunity to discuss my book with you. Also, please go to for information on the complete Cathy series of novels.


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