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To all of my spiritual and physical brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances that we at one time or another have crossed paths with and enjoyed a word or two along the road of life. Welcome to this Authors’ Lounge!

I have so many fond memories of it all in my heart, soul and mind to be able to hold it all in. Whether you were a kid that I used to have so much fun with playing tennis, water skiing, telling jokes to, playing tricks on, passing notes to in church, tubing down the Manistee river, taking you white water rafting in North Carolina or dunking you in some swimming pool as I enjoyed so much of watching you grow up and become an adult yourself.

You have remained in my memory bank that I now enjoy reflecting back upon in my old age, I will be 87 years old on May 12, 2019. Along with every one of you that I will be sending this email out to, please remember this. It is my desire to leave this world knowing I have made some kind of a positive image in the hearts and minds of others, as you have all done for me, for which I will be forever grateful.

My goal plan for my eighty sixth year of life was to write and publish a book about the different experiences of life that God has used to knock off some of the rough edges on me, that inflict all of us human kind that are in the process of being made in His image and likeness. To reveal a little more about myself to all that may care to know it, and pass on the truth that God has revealed to me along the way.

To help others, as others have helped me. When I got started writing my first book, it all came flowing out of my inner being like a giant river rapid that had been building up and was being stored in my mind, after over a half century of seeking and searching for the truth and making myself receptive to the leading of God and His Holy Spirit. I more or less lived in my computer room. The flood gates flew open and I not only wrote and published a book, I ended up writing four.

Three of them are in the process of being published. One is finished, and has been published and is on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes and I believe it will be in Walmart too, as well as book stores around the world. The title of this book is; My salvation is certain, so is yours, it can be Googled up by using that title. The next one out will be about Universal Salvation too, about the church that Christ is building here on earth today. Following that one is a book about my journey through the hell and high water as a government hunter whose military orders were to kill, maim and destroy the enemy before he could kill, maim or destroy me.

I realized later on in life that in reality, it was God allowing and even causing the woes of deadly combat to be a part of being hit over my stubborn back with many stripes by Him, as He put me on His potter’s wheel and began to mold and shape me into something usable for service in His soon coming kingdom to be set up here on planet earth. The title to that one is, WAR and the after effects on those having to do the dirty work of killing. The last one is titled The Korean War Relived, about the soldier that comes out of the war, but the war lingers on inside. Many of them too used up to continue on in life, have taken their own life in suicide.

This book will detail some of the ungodly things that soldiers are programmed, trained and required to do in the line of duty. I will however benefit from the royalty received from this book; because it for the most part, concerns the insanity of war. My goal plan is not to benefit myself financially through whatever royalty I will receive from those who have published my books, with the exception of The Korean War Relived which for the most part is a secular book.

The scriptures tell us in Matthew10:8, NIV. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Then in Proverbs 23:23, we are told to; Buy the truth and do not sell it– wisdom, instruction and insight as well. I believe that the Word of God means what it says, and says what it means. Any and all of the royalty I will receive from my books involved in teaching the true Word of God will be used to buy back books from the publisher at their cost to me, which at this time is approximately $10.00 a book.

Leith Cunningham author of the Book called My Salvation Is Certain So Is Yours

I will use all royalty payments, paid to me, to buy back books to give away free of any charge. My personal expense in getting these books published and, on the market, has been in the neighborhood of $10,000.00. I do not intend on recouping any part of this expenditure, it is my gift to God and others that have helped teach me in understanding His truth, and now is allowing me to teach it onto others free of any charge. I will keep you all informed about when the other books have been finished and are available. I hope you will check them out. Currently my first book, My salvation is certain, So is yours is available in Amazon.

Amazon link of kindle and paperback editions.


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