My Prison Had No Bars | James Lucot Jr.

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My Prison Had No Bars: A Child Surviving in Silence

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 On the outside, James “Jim” Lucot, Jr.  is quite successful. An award-winning high school teacher, college professor, coach, husband and father, Jim has been a role model for hundreds of youth and younger teachers for many years. But he also has a secret. Severely abused both physically, verbally and mentally by his father as a child which his mother stood by and allowed, Lucot has carried the emotional scars for his entire life. Despite years of trying to create a “normal” family with his parents, Lucot has never forgotten the pain that he suffered after decades of abuse. It took a break-down for him to realize he needed help in mending his past. And now, Lucot has broken his silence. In his new book, My Prison Had No Bars: A Child Surviving in Silence (Mill City Press, October 2018), Lucot shares his childhood, his pain and his survival. It is a story that will touch parents, teachers, counselors and most important of all, others going through abuse. “If this can just help one other person going through this or who has gone through this, it will be worth the pain of sharing my own story,” Lucot says. Lucot is available to speak to groups about his new book and his experience as a survivor. For more information or to arrange for a speaking engagement, please contact Jim Lucot at (724) 814-1697 or email at [email protected].

Reviews and reactions to My Prison Had No Bars: A Child Surviving in Silence  

“Finished the book yesterday. Unreal.  I personally have never heard of, learned about in school, or even seen on tv an experience as terrible as yours. and while I’m positive others are out there with similar stories, the courage it had to have taken to write this book is truly unbelievable and unlike any other.”  – Alex D.

“Just knowing I’m not alone really makes such a big difference. I was abused daily for years as a kid and only just escaped that life. Now seeing you published a book about something I also experienced honestly means so much. I’m just very glad I had you as a teacher and got to know you. Sharing these experiences and spreading awareness that this is not ok and how it really does have long-lasting effects is so important. Thank you.”  – Sandra K.

“I just received your book today and already am attached, reading, relating and thinking.I’m not sure what else to say yet, and I’m so immensely impacted.  Your story matters and will help more people than you will ever know.  Thank you for sharing your story.   – Terry H.

“I just wanted to let you know that I read your book.  I couldn’t put it down.  This book validated my feelings.  Your story is so sad.  I’m so glad and proud of you that you rose above all of it.” – Marcia S.

“I started reading and instantly I think of my current students who experience this pain. It is something that I have heard first hand. It hurts me and reminds me why I wanted to be a teacher, to try and help. When I think of you, I always remember our conversations frequently. I can foresee your story helping me be a better man, husband, father, and teacher.”  – Brock E.

“I want to thank you for having the courage to write this, not to sound condescending but I am proud of you. I had a very similar childhood that also carried into adulthood with my first 2 husbands (I don’t tell many people that). I hope to be as brave as you someday and once and for all get it all out. Thank you for giving me hope that it can be done.” –  Haley E.

“Thanks for sharing this. I finished reading your book- I read it in 2 sittings, I honestly could not put it down. This is such a tribute to your determination to know how successful you are despite your childhood. Your “findings” helped me a great deal. I too have a fear of loud noises, a strange attachment to belongings and often have overwhelming feelings of fear. I hate change and struggle with allowing people to know the real me. Thank you for being brave enough to share and realize how strong you are.” – Hanna K.


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