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Hello, Authors’ Lounge!
My Heart’s Therapy was created during a time when I found myself wanting to run away. I was discontent, yet knew I was in that place for a reason. So, I began to search for answers that could release me from my discontentment. One night, as I was rocking my son to sleep, my feelings released as a tune in my head. Out of curiosity, I wrote the lyrics down. Over the next two months I continued to write down a flood of my thoughts and feelings, which turned into lyrics to about two dozen songs. I was convinced those words were answers from God. I knew he had flooded my head with words and promises to assure me, strengthen me, console me, and push me forward. He had heard me cry out to Him. He knew I had been searching; I waited with a patience I didn’t know I possessed, and listened for His guidance as to what direction I should go. What did he want me to do with this music from my heart?

In the meantime, I desperately sought out knowledge from the Bible and through Bible studies—excitedly pursuing a deeper relationship with God. As I quietly waited for His direction, it became clear that he was calling me, an unlikely writer, to spread His word through song. I had no choice but to write. Words flowed freely because they were not my thoughts, they were His. His word cannot be silenced. His voice; however, became silent in regards to the music and I pursued life, clinging tightly to Him. At the time it was suggested I look at the words I had written down as therapy for myself and to just move on. I felt in my heart God had more purpose for the music and for me, but I set it aside and let it go. And one day I felt God say, “Now! Now is the time.” As I revisited it years later I realized it had been therapy—therapy for my heart and soul. It was time to share the therapy with others.

It is my prayer that God’s glory will be achieved through these songs. And that you will identify with, find solace in, be encouraged by, and be motivated to search for your own answers in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Authors’ Lounge for allowing me to share my heart. A heart shattered into a million pieces. A heart slowly and purposefully rearranged by the Puzzle Maker, creating a new and stronger heart than before. Each piece therapeutically and skillfully cut and molded to fit into the piece beside it. Each piece had its own story to tell. When the Puzzle Maker decided it was time to share the puzzle, I stepped out with a brand new heart ready to share the stories it held.
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Brenda (Kishiyama) Wickard


  1. Connie

    Brenda’s message is filled with
    Authenticity and encouragement, to look to Jesus.
    As I read, I desired to ponder more deeply.
    It is also a nice gift which I have given many times.

    • Aurora Hill

      It’s the best way to start a day with an uplifting book full of life and love.

  2. Hummer

    Reading this book helps me relax and calm.



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