Maximizing Community Sites for Book Promotion

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Book marketing should not be confined to the authors’ own website and social media platforms. For self-published authors, community sites can be a great venue for reaching out to more audiences. The key is to find out how to maximize self-published community sites such as ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge to promote your books.

Community sites just like most organizations online adhere to certain standards and pursue the same interests. But more importantly, they also support their members and even campaign on their behalf. Self-published authors need all the help and exposure they can get to market their books as well as their author brand.

So how exactly can we maximize these community sites for writers to our benefits as authors?

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Registering to community sites gives you an automatic support system. If you happen to register in a group site with members who are already established writers or published authors, you can benefit from their own personal book marketing experience. The wisdom of those who have actually done it as well as the lessons they carry will prove to be a great asset in your book marketing campaign.

Build and expand your network of contacts via community sites. Never underestimate the power of contact building. The word of mouth and other traditional marketing strategies still carry considerable weight. This is one of the things that community sites offer- an opportunity to be part of an expanding network of contacts. From among these contacts, you might find your next literary agent or exhibitor. Community sites offer a lot of possibilities but only if you actually build rapport with its members.

Community sites are a great venue for direct marketing and more. Of course, community sites are a venue for convincing people that your book is worth reading. As a published author trying to promote the book, every opportunity counts. What better way to sell your book than by first trying to sell it to the people whom you interact and share common interests with. Members of the writing community sites are also booklovers, if not, authors themselves. They understand your dreams as well as your struggle as an author. If they will not buy your book, at least you are certain that you have their sympathy and at the very least will help you market your book through their own individual or organized efforts.

Creating the content on community sites creates shared link juice. Most writing community sites allow their members to write content for the website. After all, that is the essence of creating a community site for writers and authors. ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is a perfect example of a community site that truly caters to writers and authors, especially self-published ones. Authors’ Lounge encourages authors to publish their articles and other literary materials, free of charge. Each time an author submits an entry for an article or blog post, the author can link his article to his or her own website and even on his or her social media platforms. On the other hand, the community website can syndicate these published works to their own rooster of social media accounts and of other affiliate sites. This creates multiple backlinks which can greatly help in increasing web traffic for authors.

These are just some of the ways you can promote your book via membership of community sites. The key is to choose which community sites can truly cater to your interest as an author whose goal is to market his or her book. Self-publish community sites such as Readers Magnet Authors’ Lounge can help you bring your book and your brand to broader target audiences and even help increase online visibility for your site. With community sites, the possibilities for promoting your book and brand can be endless.


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