Stone’s Edge by Maverick Montgomery

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I would first like to personally thank Authors Lounge for reaching out to me to let me introduce myself and introduce my debut novel as well. When justice is on the line… leave no stone unturned.

Private Investigator, Jack Stone, is closing in on his rival when an unexpected twist throws his investigation – and his life – onto a different course. Going head-to-head with a demon from his past in his quest for vengeance puts Jack’s family and friends in the line of fire, and he must use every resource in his arsenal to bring an end to the tyrant threatening his future.

What inspired to write Stone’s Edge.

I wouldn’t say what inspired to write my book but who inspired me to write my book is my wife and best friend Magnolia Montgomery, taking a leap of faith in quitting her full time job as a college secretary to become a full time writer and watching her path and being to following her in her foot steps in my pursuit to one day being able to quit my full time job and becoming a full time writer as well with her, and getting to travel the world with her going to book conventions.

My target audience for my book would be anyone who loves an action-packed crime thriller book where the good guy defeats the forces of evil, or readers that love to read a suspense or mystery book and can’t wait to see what happens next.

What I hope my readers gain from reading Stones Edge is being able to get lost in the world of Jack Stone and the feeling that they are with him in his search for the quest for vengeance against the forces of evil that are putting Jack’s friends and family in danger. A future goal for my book is to make it into a series and possibly make Stones Edge into either a miniseries on Netflix or Amazon Prime or a full-length movie on the big screen, I already have in mind who I want to play Jack. My future plans for Stone’s Edge are possibly to make spinoffs or perspectives from other characters in the book.

Another goal for my book is once it becomes popular enough to make it into audio book as well. A little bit about myself.

I currently live in the Midwest with my wife of 7 years, our two dogs and cat, Austen, Ava, and Jude. I consider myself to be a gamer nerd and gear head. Before I got into writing I grew up playing video games and watching Alfred Hitchcock movies which inspired his love of all things mysterious.  I can usually be found drooling over cars and motorcycles. I usually have no fewer than five project cars in mind when I could only find the time to actually work on them.  When I’m not writing, I can be found in my man cave gaming, reading Marvel or Dick Tracy comics which might inspire me for my next book, or usually indulging his wife’s ridiculous next project antics and finding ways to avoid telling her she’s right.

One of my favorite things that I have enjoyed since I have started writing is jotting down a scene that I can possibly use in the current book that I am working on or possibly use it for a future book. A question that I get a lot as a author is how do you choose the names of your characters, when choosing Jack Stone I felt like that was the perfect name for a hardnosed, seasoned private investigator, and when choosing the bad guy for the book I wanted to go with the most scummy baggy name that I could think of. I hope you enjoyed reading my article and getting to know a little bit about me and who Maverick Montgomery is. I also hope you enjoy reading my debut novel Stone’s Edge when it comes out on December 31. I will include my linktree at the bottom if you are interested in following me or preordering my book


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