Marianna Albritton on Faith and Growth

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Marianna Albritton shares her faith and the steps of growth as a Christian.

These are desperate and trying times. All over the country, we see anxiety, prejudice, hate, depression, and despair. And it’s not only because we are battling with a global pandemic. This atmosphere has been going on for quite some time now. For many of us, our spiritual relationship with God plays a vital role in our daily existence. Building a deep relationship with God and being in constant communion with Him gives us direction, clarity, strength, and inspiration. If we keep our distance from Him, it is with no doubt that the current adversities that our society is facing will overwhelm us eventually. Indeed, there is a need for us to continually grow our faith in God in these times of confusion and disarray. 

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry For God? is a book that features steps of growth as a Christian by Marianna Albritton. Albritton shares her wisdom and experience about God and the Bible and surrendering your life to God can save you from pain and suffering around us. Let us take a closer look at her book.

Climb Toward God” Are You Hungry for God? is about finding God and acknowledging the journey of growing your faith in Him. In this book, Albritton imparts the idea that only through prayers and constant reflection can we grow as Christians. It is in prayer that we speak to God and commune with Him every day. Sharing her experience and wisdom from her own journey, Albritton provides readers with a heart-warming and sincere testimony of her faith. She hopes to satisfy not only everyone’s curiosity but also their hunger for the truth and God.

Come Climb Toward God front
Marianna Albritton’s Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God?

“The premise of the book according to Marianna is as follows:

“Are you hungry to develop a relationship with God?

Are you hungry to hear God speak to you?

Are you hungry to know God’s callings?

Are you hungry to respond to God’s callings?

Then this book is written for you. Throughout my years of teaching the Bible, I’ve taught to the “one”. So, I’m writing to the one who has a hunger to understand the callings of God and to develop a great relationship with Him. From the time I gave my life to Jesus, there has been a compulsion to know Jesus as a real person. How exciting this growing process is and has been as I have answered, “Yes,” to His callings.” (Excerpt from Book summary by Marianna Albritton)

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry For God? is a spiritual book by Marianna Albritton. It was published in June 2013. In this book, Albritton imparts to readers a guide on how to forge a more meaningful relationship with our Creator. Albritton’s many years of experience studying and understanding the Holy Bible provides readers with an extensive approach to learning more about the word of God and how to practice the lessons in the Bible in everyday life. Marianna Albritton also highlights the importance of acknowledging first that God is in our life. It is an important step in building a relationship with Him. In this book, readers are encouraged to learn more about Jesus and not dismiss Him as just a historical or biblical figure, but more importantly that he is present in our lives. It is important to accept that Jesus is the key to salvation as well as a way for us to get to really recognize God.

Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God is written in a way that even non-bible scholars will be able to appreciate the passion that Marianna Albritton imparts to her audience. It is a wonderful book written for those who are seeking God and for those who want to reunite with God as well. Above all, the books are written by someone who has found God as a young girl, whose faith grew stronger as years passed by, and whose passion is to share her wonderful journey with God.

To know more about Marianna Albritton’s Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? grab a copy or visit Albritton’s website today.

Marianna Albritton

Marianna Albriton was born prematurely. She was weak and the attending physician was not even sure if she’d live long. Incubators were not yet available during those times. But Marianna survived and grew to be healthy and strong. This miracle made drew her closer to God and ever since Marianna has dedicated her life in devotion to Him.

Marianna Albritton went to Southern Junior College in Laurel Mississippi where she took a two-year Bible Study program which gave her the foundation for an advanced study program. Her journey towards writing began in school. Once she entered a contest with the theme “Why young people are important in the work of the local church?”, where her essay was chosen as the winner. Soon after, Marianna developed a deeper desire to write, particularly on the subject of helping young people know more about God. She dedicated time to writing for the Sunday school class publications as well as Church magazines. Mariana shares her talent in writing to inspire others to seek God’s grace.


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