Making Mental Images With Poetry In Motion By Quattlebaum

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The vividness of mental imagery was the best forecast of aesthetic appeal – poems that evoked more extraordinary imagery were more pleasing.

Poetry that brings forth vivid mental imagery is more alluring to readers, say studies have found some factors that make people like poems.

Aesthetics, the underpinnings of what one finds appealing, play an essential role in your everyday life – from deciding what to eat in the morning to choosing what to wear for the entire day. However, more is needed to know about how people make these judgments. This is what poetry in motion, Quattlebaum’s book, drives out. That picture is in the head.

Poetry In Motion

So here it is, the book called Poetry In Motion. Poetry is Life in Motion; motion is the Poetry of Life, spinning at a magnificent vibration, a vision for the world to see. Here, the Chapters of Poetry In Motion, as individuals express themselves through life. What can you say for a mental visualization if a picture is worth a thousand words? Yes, life is a stage, and humanity all plays a part, but what role do you play in life?

To be a part of it, you must play a role in the great circle of life and beauty. This book is designed to bring to the reader life in the passage as you know it, the miracle of who you are, Poetry In Motion! Life in the Presence of God!

Relatively, “Poetry in motion” is generally defined as someone moving gracefully. It is a phrase used to determine anyone from a fabulous dancer to the moves of an elite basketball player. Life is poetry in motion: a living, breathing canvas. It is constantly moving and turning over time. It is never still or static and never stays permanent in one place or state. It is always marching forward in an endless flow of time.

Author’s Flow

Raymond Quattlebaum is an African American living in the upper Westside in Manhattan, New York. He is the third oldest son in a family of five. He stands five ′ 11″, and his sign is Aries. You might find yourself thinking, Quattlebaum? Yes! A unique name in structure, as well as appearance. 

Raymond always had a love for poetry. He loves working out and music. He even enjoys partying and clubbing, but his passion is poetry. It all started in public school when he was a young kid growing up in PS 84. Raymond said he remembered writing a poem for his third-grade teacher Mrs. Albert. She liked it so much that she put it in the school’s newspaper, which was exciting and inspiring to Raymond. Because it was his first time writing poetry, it was terrific. It made Raymond feel good about himself and pushed him to write more poetry as time passed.

Since then, as he became older, he has read several other poems by other poets that moved him, especially in his teenage years. But the singing group called Earth, Wind & Fire – the elements of life – inspired him to write more poetry. It was adorable; the way they would construct and word their lyrics in their music is something you would have to listen to yourself. It is spiritually divine, unbelievably, and beautiful.

At present, Raymond writes as much beautiful poetry as he can and puts it in a book. Because love makes the world go around, The Color Of Love is Life! Inevitably beautiful! This is the essence of who people are! Share energy and unconditional love! Dance in the spiral of life. You are loved. Everlasting beauty! You are Life.


Every client, every patient, every resident, and every single person you come across is an opportunity to walk in the good work God desires for people to complete. So take heart. You are God’s poems – created in his workmanship – and as you move forward to serve, assist and walk alongside those you see, you are genuine “Poetry in Motion.”

Be reminded of the Scripture, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” Eph. 2:10.


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