Lyngate Woods by Denis McCarthy 

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I grew up in Cork City Ireland, which is known as the Rebel County, and this has been part of my
character since I can remember. I love my Irish identity, but even more so I am proud to say I’m
from Cork City. I travelled extensively in my life, including Somalia, Rwanda, Gaze, West Bank,
Kosovo and Bosnia. This was when I volunteered for aid agencies assisting those in war torn

The Book.

I completed my Masters Degree in Military History some years ago, but always had an interest
in Crime, both fiction and non-fiction. I had a car accident last year and although it was minor
injuries, which have now healed, I promised myself I would write the book I always wanted.
This led me to thinking about relationships and how people cope with break-ups. I felt a lot is
written from the female side of break-ups but not the male.  Maybe men don’t talk about their
feelings too much.  Anger is a consistent emotion following a collapse of a relationship.
However, I questioned what happens when anger isn’t enough? When is the trigger point that
moves beyond anger, to hate, revenge and worse, the ‘fuck it all’ emotion.  

The book is about such a man, young but has been through a terrible break-up, when his
engagement is ended by his girlfriend. He moves to London to start a new life, but is soon
reminded of his past. The trigger point has been reached. His vengeance is bloody and brutal.
There is hope when he meets a new woman, but redemption and manipulation don’t mix. 
There is also the relationship between the two police officers desperately trying to track out
killer down. Despite clues being deliberately left by our killer, the police are always behind him. 
A senseless vicious murder in West London starts a reign of horrific attacks on young women, leaving
the police clueless as to the motive behind them. As a pattern emerges, Detectives Andy Martins and
Charlotte Campbell begin to piece together a profile of the killer. The killings lead them to a suspect who
has a unrelenting motive for killing these women. Despite the killer leaving them clues, they are running
out of time to stop him. Can they get a step ahead before his final act that will end his mission? 
A psychological thriller that draws readers in from the outset, Lyngate Woods is made all the more
disturbing by the fact its protagonist engages with his victims’ families whilst undertaking his murderous
Launching his literary career with this troubling yet page turning read, what truly sets this novel apart is
how the author demonstrates the pervasive and scary potential of social media. 
Appealing to all those who are looking for something more menacing than a regular whodunnit, Denis
McCarthy has launched his literary career with murderous gusto, and in the process, has created an
eager audience keen to pick up a copy of his next offer. The book is available on paperback or kindle at
Amazon Uk.  

Denis McCarthy was born in Cork Ireland, but now resides in Manchester, UK.  He has travelled
extensively and has a keen study of Crime.  Denis has also attained a master’s degree in British First
World War Studies, which he also has interest in. The author is already working on the sequel to Lyngate

I am currently writing the following up which I hope to have out in September at the latest. 
Thanks for your assistance and I hope this helps.


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