Lovely Light: The Cambions Book 2 | Michelle L Gonzales

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Hello Author’s Lounge! My interest in writing The Cambions Series started with a conversation I had with one of my nieces who was fascinated with Demonology. As I started my own research on Angels, Demons, and their offspring, characters developed as well as a story line. What a journey it’s been! Thanks again Author’s Lounge for giving me this opportunity to share with others!


Jessica is hell-bent on trying to escape the clutches of Asher, her Incubus father. She fights to keep him at arm’s length as he tries to win her trust and affection. But with an unexpected turn of events, she is forced to remain with him and compromise her stay in his facility. Hope arises when Jessica sees that her freedom is close, but what she doesn’t count on is befriending and caring for those closest to her father or seeing her mother, Delilah, again. In “Lovely Light,” secrets are revealed, alliances are formed, hearts are shattered, and a life is lost.


Through it all, Jessica is determined to finish the two Incubuses responsible for destroying her world.


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