Lovely Light | Michelle L. Gonzales

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The story begins with Asher trying to negotiate Jessica’s stay. Not wanting to agree on anything, Jessica bites back with callous words. Because of her difficulty, another Incubus is assigned to guard her. Caleb is to practically stay attached to her hip until she assures her father that she will stay with her newfound clan. What throws off her plan for freedom is her attraction to Caleb, her friendship with the Succubus Zia, and the kinship she feels with her brothers Fredrick and Hugo.

Another incident that keeps Jessica from wanting to flee is the return of her hardhearted mother, Delilah. Once she discovers where her mother was and how she was found, Jessica craves for revenge and develops a new plan to destroy the Incubus who held her captive in book one, “Lovely Darkness.” In Lovely Light, secrets unearth and the death of a loved one crushes her will, but does Jessica agree to stay with her Incubus father, Asher, or does her plan to escape work?


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