Lost Footsteps by Dan MacDonald

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“Our footsteps always leads us back to those we love”

Lost Footsteps is a military romance-suspense-thriller. That follows the journey of love and mystery of Tim Warner, a marine, returned from a war in the Middle East after a two-year tour of active duty. In a war of political turmoil and distrust. Waiting for his flight home in Germany, he reads a poem in a magazine left behind in the airport waiting area. The poem gave pause about his life and his past footsteps.On his arrival home, he noticed how his family and people in his hometown in Vermont act strange and put off around him. Strange accidents happen where ever he goes along with mocking from people in his town.

He’s caught in a love triangle between his past high school love and a new love he met in the Middle East. The news of his new love fuel the fire of his time overseas and his love from the Middle East. His journey starts from his time in the Middle East, back home, and back again. Finally, Tim flees his hometown and the people in it. Tim bumps into his friend Stanley while in a small cafe in Boston, who shelters him and helps him search for a way to find Venda again. The love that he left behind in a country at war.

Lost Footsteps story started while studying online for a degree in Media and Animation in a creative writing class. The professor and peers in the class all enjoyed the story and encouraged me to complete and publish the novel. Lost footsteps is a military Romance suspense-thriller that came from stores that I always enjoyed over the years. In March 2021, I was interviewed by the website “The author interviewed” at https://www.theauthorinterviews.com/archives/dan-macdonald, and now by The Authors’ Lounge.

Lost Footsteps is available on Amazon.com and Amazon marketplaces worldwide. In Paperback and Kindle format,

Lost Footsteps is for all ages from sixteen and up—anyone who enjoys a story with military Romance, suspense-thriller. I hope you find the story heartwarming, full of suspense that twists and turns throughout the story. A story of love and loss and unexpected twist as he searches away to get back a love that he left behind. If you enjoy suspense thrillers, Lost Footsteps will give you that and more. You can find more about me and my writing on http://www.Danmacdonaldbooks.com.

I completed two short stories that had not yet been published at the time of this article. A new novel project will be on the way soon, with others to follow, with a new Tim Warner novel with a new adventure in a new place. Grown-up I always enjoyed reading many different types of books. From outdoor adventures in the wild to suspense and thrillers and other books.

During High school, I spent my summers down on the New Jersey shore on my father’s boat while attending high school at Sommerset County Voc Tech in Bridgewater, NJ. While living in Salem,Massachusetts, I was licensed as a General class amateur radio operator. I also enjoy art and painting that you can find on Facebook, along with my music page, and I hope to record classical guitar. Ever since living in New Jersey and New England, I’ve been an outside person and have spent time hiking trails, camping, cycling, and skiing, along with other outdoor sports.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Julia Valentina and everyone else at The Authors’ Lounge for this opportunity to write this article about Lost footsteps. The people who answered all my questions about publishing at Amazon and you, the readers. Without any of you, lost footsteps would be lost in the sand.


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