Life is Funny That Way by Sharon Lopez

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Authors’ Lounge asked me to write an article about my book Life Is Funny That Way, and I was happy and honored to do so. After being asked to write this article, I contemplated for a good while. I wondered what exactly I should write about. After coming up with a general idea, I figured I’d start with a bit about the book itself.

 Life is Funny That Way is one of the first books that I ever wrote and I’ll try my best not to spoil it too much. It is set during the years 1994 and 1995 and is a coming-of-age story in which you follow the journey of a girl named Jennifer and her best friend Theodore. Her life is filled with many ups and downs that all start when her best friend and dream crush ends up kissing her just before her eighteenth birthday. It shows the path she treads during even the hardest of times, such as when a tragic car accident takes the life of her mother. She finds out that the mother, whom she thought hated her because of their strained relationship, actually cared for her more than she let on. The dream she wished for was always being put on hold because life seemed to always be fighting against her. That was the reasoning for the name of the book. Because Life is Funny That Way.

 The book was originally written and intended for teens and young adults. However, anyone who enjoys a good story about family, life and following your dreams may find it a good read. The story was born from my own life experiences and those of the people I knew growing up. As real life can turn into good fiction with little to no tweaking. There are several lessons within the pages of this book. If I could choose two, I would say to always follow your dreams, and no matter how tough life gets, don’t get stuck in it, keep moving forward. My goal when writing this book had been simple. For people to be able to enjoy the book and its meanings for many years to come.

 Now onto a bit about myself. I am a multi-genre young adult author. Though I do write adult tales occasionally whenever the right mood strikes me. My days of writing started at a young age, where I would write plays. I eventually moved on to poetry during my teenage years. As I entered the young adult phase of my life, short stories replaced the poetry and plays. These short stores evolved into books and the first one saw the light of day during 2014. Since then, I have continued to publish stories yearly. As one would expect, I love to read. Almost as much as I love to write. Being an indie author myself, I always try my best to support authors by buying and reviewing as many books as I can.

  Two and a half years ago, I joined and began working with a group called WolfPackAuthors. We are a close group of authors that support and help each other on our book writing adventures as well as our life’s journeys. Together, we wrote and published two anthologies for charity. I enjoyed being part of that process, and love being a member of this outstanding group.

 A couple of my other books, namely My Right to Choose and Embracing Vengeance, have attained amazon best seller rankings. Another personal achievement of mine is that with my latest book release, I have now published a total of 17 books or 19 if we include the two WolfPack anthologies, that I hope will continue to increase in number as the years go by.

If you’d like to check out any of my works, you can follow the link here:

 Once again, I’d like to thank Authors’ Lounge for giving me the opportunity to write an article about myself as well as my book: Life is Funny That Way.


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