Leelia Carolyn Cornell: Literature and Faith

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Leelia Carolyn Cornell shares her faith and journey through her literary work In the Shadow of God’s Love.

Literature, especially prose and poetry, are pillars of civilizations. They enable people to communicate, to tell narratives, and to pass on traditions. Needless to say, poetry and prose play an essential part in creating culture, cultivating faith, and preserving heritage. Since ancient times, prose and poetry have been used to declare faith and devotion. From the Holy Bible to the Quran and Tipitaka, we see poems of praise and worship. Today these powerful forms of literature are still being used to express one’s faith and gratitude. In the Shadow of God’s Love book by Leelia Carolyn Cornell is one of recently published works that feature worship poetry. It was published in 2018. Today, we get to know more about Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s steadfast devotion, and how she used her poetry to share with others her faith and journey with God.

Leelia Carolyn is a writer and a traveler, whose passion for spreading the Word of God to as many people as possible has brought her in many places. She is also dedicated to translating the Word of God in other languages, especially those countries where the Christian faith is not yet openly accepted. Leelia’s devotion and faith are deeply rooted in her family, which throughout many generations, has kept a deep relationship with God.

As a child, Leelia has written several poems. Most of them are epistolary or written as letters. It started with writing one poem at a time. Soon after, Leelia shared it with friends, who saw the beauty and sincerity of her words. They encouraged her to publish these “letters to God”, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“‘In the Shadow of God’s Love’ is a book written from my heart. It speaks of my intimate relationship with God, through what one friend described, like love letters to God. It comes from all kinds of life situations happy times, joyous times, funny times, sad times, and tragic times and my hope in God in all things.” – Leelia Carolyn Cornell

Leelia Carolyn Cornell Poetry

Book cover for in the shadow of God's love by Leelia Carolyn Cornell
In the Shadow of God’s Love by Leelia Carolyn Cornell.

When she was still a child, Leelia Carolyn Cornell never really thought she could write a book, let alone publish it. However, even at a young age, she knew that she wanted to write a book. Growing up, she continued her passion for writing poems until one day, her dreams finally caught up with her passion. So in 2018, Leelia Carolyn Cornell published In the Shadow of God’s Love.

In the Shadow of God’s Love contains poems and short stories that Leelia Carolyn Cornell have written and compiled over the years. Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s poetry speaks of her faith and strong relationship with God. As mentioned earlier, many of these poems are addressed to God, praising, and thanking Him for always being by her side. The book is divided into two sections, showing readers the depth and firmness of Leelia’s faith to God.

The first chapter of the book is divided into four parts. In this section, Cornell shares her personal “letters to God”. These poems talk about her relationship with God throughout the years, and how God is always present in various moments in her life. Cornell’s meaningful verses invite readers to appreciate God’s role in their lives.

The second section of Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s poetry books is divided into three segments. They tell more about Cornell’s family and their relationship with God through the years. Here, we learn more about the history of their family and Leelia’s never-ending gratitude towards God about the family thrives because of His Grace and unconditional love. There are also parts where Leelia dedicated poems about nature and its bounty and beauty. Overall, Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s In the Shadow of Love is a heart-warming book that is filled with joy, inspiration, serenity, and devotion.

To know more about Leelia Carolyn Cornell and her works, grab a copy of her book In the Shadow of God’s love or visit her website today.


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