Learn to Love Yourself: How Self-Affirmation Works

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Learn to love yourself with Monique Johnson’s 21 Days of Affirming You, a wonderful guide to making yourself a better person and growing beyond your limitations.

In the general consciousness, “self-love” is considered somewhat self-indulgent or arrogant. This is because in media, when someone is shown to be practicing self-love, they are portrayed as being quite condescending, imperious individuals–when in actuality, practicing self-love is a very important activity to maintain one’s mental health and other aspects of one’s life–this includes your physical well-being and your relationships with other people.

People who struggle with low self-esteem, essentially people who don’t properly love themselves, suffer from having low confidence, the inability to properly gauge their abilities, and the absence of motivation to do anything more than the bare minimum. These are people who can only function normally through external validation, e.g., compliments, rewards, etc.

Understanding the importance of self-love helps people see the importance of prioritizing themselves and the idea that you yourself are the essential piece to living a successful and fulfilled life.

Luckily, you can learn how to love yourself with Monique Johnson’s 21 Days of Affirming You, a wonderful guide to making yourself a better person and growing beyond your limitations. 

Learning to love yourself is very challenging and full of obstacles. That is because it’s quite hard to change one’s perception of anything, especially one’s view of the self. Being mindful of yourself, setting boundaries with others, and focusing on internal needs and desires are some of the best ways to start with self-love.

Strategies for Learning to Love Yourself

How to learn to love yourself is not easy. Sometimes it feels like no one has any clue how to go about accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses. A lot of people are too critical of themselves while soft on others. This is because loving yourself takes tons of intentional effort.

Consider some of the strategies below to start how to learn to love yourself:

  1. Practice Self-Care. Self-care is a very critical aspect of taking care of and loving oneself. Maintaining your physical, emotional, and mental health is essential to living a good life. Ways of practicing self-care include physical exercise, healthy eating, proper sleeping habits, spending time with friends and family, and pursuing hobbies. Self-care should become a daily habit because it is the surest way to show oneself that they are worth something and deserve the good things in life.
  2. Embrace Your Imperfections. One of the obstacles to loving yourself is believing that no matter what you do, you will never become someone worth anything. This is an extremely dangerous way of looking at the world and yourself, especially when people are already surrounded by denunciations and other people pulling them down. The only solution to this is to accept that you are imperfect and also that no one is perfect. That is what makes humans so special: they have the capacity to improve themselves. There is no upper limit aside from the ones people make themselves.
  3. Setting Boundaries. While interacting with the wider world around you is critical to living a wonderful and fulfilled life, learning how to step back and be by yourself or pursue personal things is equally important. Having boundaries is essential to how to learn to love yourself. Do not indulge others with your time too much, lest they come to believe they have free rein over it. Time is perhaps the single most important asset that anyone can have, and learning how to apportion it properly is necessary to pursuing success and personal growth.


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