Becoming A Leading Light Through Transformational Leadership

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Leadership is a complicated matter. But for those who wish to serve and guide others, the best path is through transformational leadership. Here’s why.

Even before civilization existed, leaders had already paved the way. Even before having systems that deliberately needed someone to bear everyone’s decisions, there had already been individuals who stood for everyone else. They’ve left imprints of themselves for others to follow and thrive.

Perhaps humanity naturally desires a good leader. In connection with their desire for safety and order, they would instinctively need someone to guide them. This is where leaders come in. They serve as the light leading their followers in the right direction using the right vision and motivation. Excellent leaders mold excellent communities by creating a conducive and collaborative environment.

Without an inch of doubt, leaders are essential. But what kind of leader stands out, leading the pack toward a more consequential path?

The Spark Of Light In The Dark

Just as snowflakes are distinct under the probing eye, leaders come in different forms. While they share a common goal of motivating and developing people to better circumstances, they have various means of doing so.

The question is, what style leads to better outcomes?

The logical answer is that it depends on the followers and what leadership style suits them best. However, the thing with leadership is that it’s typically singular. There’s only a single leader guiding an entire community, even though it’s comprised of distinguishable individuals – those with different learning styles. The way to make leadership the most efficient is by choosing an effective leader for everyone. Someone who knows how to understand, respect, and cater to everyone’s needs equally, someone with a transformational leadership style.

In Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope, author Fritznel D. Octave nurtured the idea that Haitians can change their circumstances. He believes to do so, they would need to maximize what they can individually offer.

The service the author created under the leadership development with Fritznel D. Octave banks on the same concept. By encouraging leaders to work on themselves first and inspiring everyone to take on the same journey, they can make consequential changes in the community. Fritznel believes that changing bigger circumstances can be made possible through working on smaller efforts and appending them together.

This is what transformational leadership is.

How Is Transformational Leadership Practiced?

Transformational leadership works because it banks on the most essential factor to community growth and success: its people. When the world is ever-dynamic, leaders must know how to adjust depending on the times, and the best way to do this is by maximizing their people’s capacity.

This style encourages growth by encouraging followers to demonstrate and practice their uniqueness and creativity. This way, they’re able to create a more meaningful change.

Following this path, leaders provide ample support to their people, cultivating a deeper relationship between them. Hence, transformational leadership doesn’t only inspire people to act because of the goal waved before them but because they genuinely care about the changes.

Such leaders have a grip on their followers’ emotions. They don’t have to force or manipulate others to act because they’ll more than willingly do so.

Transformational leadership involves creating an inspiring vision.

This doesn’t only revolve around numbers or an expansion of matters. Instead, this must also include personal development for the followers. The objective must be meaningful not only to the community as a whole but also to everyone within it. The value behind the goal will be the primary point of interest, their main driver to pushing forward and toward it.

The Key Toward Successfully Working With This Leadership

Most importantly, transformational leadership only works when there’s genuine trust and connection between the leader and their followers. This is the glue that’ll hold everything together.

After all, what’s an excellent goal if the foundation people work with is already shaky?

Transformational leaders focus on their people. They’re the most significant element every successful leader must have. Hence, without a trusting community willing to work with their leader and trust the decisions he’ll make, any form of leadership won’t work. Trust, not fear or pain, is crucial in making every community endeavor successful.

Leadership must be a sustainable process. No change happens overnight. Instead, it’s a long-term journey. This is why leaders must initially cultivate trust within their followers to encourage them to make the necessary changes for their growth.


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