Lead All Souls To Heaven God: By Ronald Bunch

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Ronald Bunch enjoys writing poetry. He learned verses and studied them. He read Christian poems from the Bible, and it made him a good poem writer. If you like poem books, you’ll love this hardcover edition. This book is a good entry into poetry, and it may entice advanced readers.

Chapter nine has a four-page Epic Poem.

The title refers to the spiritual poems in this book, but it also has nature, holiday, and space poems, which are also prime. This book may be a blessing to you, and it’s worth the time. Some of these poems relate to what Ronald Bunch experienced in real life.

About Ronald Bunch:

He did volunteer work, goes to church, reads, and likes long walks. He's a self published writer and poet. He's getting his GED and will graduate at Grand Rapids (USA) community college.

Activity: Ronald Bunch published his poetry book called I Am A Man As I should be on create space September 1st, 2014 (Paper Back) and August 31, 2014 (Kindle Edition) Audio book is now available at amazon.

Interests: Writing, reading, walking, coffee.

Favorite book types: Science fiction and writer/author biographies.

Some of the books he read: Mainspring (Clockwork Earth #1), The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia), The Holiness of God, The Outsiders, Clash of the Titans, Gulliver's Travels, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2), The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, Crossfire, Outland, Krull, The Red King (Star Trek: Titan, #2), Icerigger #1, Spellsinger, Flinx's Folly (Pip & Flinx #9), Battle Surgeons (Star Wars: Clone Wars, #4), The Silmarillion, The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, David Copperfield.
To leave a comment go to: ronaldbunch.com. Below are three other books you may like as well...
Laminate Flooring

A complete collection of my haiku poems.

Jesus came to free
Us from the power of sin,
Death and selfishness.

Having mercy and
Pursued for God’s righteousness.
You are now earth’s salt.

Walking by the walls.
On the seventh day it fell
With trumpets and shouts.

The Holy Spirit
Shows forgiveness to us now.
Communion with God.

Fear in our bodies.
Fear in our minds and our hearts.
Jesus breaks through it.

Proclaim God’s mercy.
He breathes the Holy Spirit.
Receive the spirit.

One day a boy invited a girl he liked over to play with toys. He showed the girl this giant dragon who has two sets of wings. The back wings are used for steering and the front to set sail. The boy couldn’t stop playing with toys until he got the story out of his head. Then the story becomes a dream. In the end, the prince wins the princess’s heart. The boy dances with the girl.


​One day a boy had a crush on a girl. His name was Timothy, her name was Sammy. It was a cold rainy morning in February and the boy had a thought in his head. This thought was will I or will I not ask Sammy to the school dance? 

​As he stepped onto the icy pavement he knew the answer. Yes, today I will ask Sammy out whether or not she rejects me. And as he stepped twice another thought emerged, I will go to that dance whether or not I have a dance partner. He pumped his right fist with indignation and walked his way to school after saying goodbye to his mom. 

He was eight years old and in third grade at St. Adalbert school. ​St. Adalbert of Prague had five brothers and was a well-educated man. He became a priest and then the bishop of Prague. In his later years, he became a missionary in Prussia, but Adalbert was martyred in April 997 for not staying away from the sacred oak groves. ​

As Timothy walked through the crowds of students—even some late teachers, he made his way into the building. ​“First floor,” Timothy said, “that’s where my stop is.” ​As he opened the door he felt the warm presence of his peers, even though he was early, but not Sammy, no sign of her, he wondered if she would show up, but there she was a moment later wearing her pink coat and purple scarf. ​

“There’s my princess,” he said to himself quietly. ​He waited for Sammy to put away her winter weather apparel and sit down, then he approached her. ​“Hi,” he said with his back foot waging like a short dog’s tail. ​“Hi,” she said in return with her famous tooth-gapped grin, which did little to hamper her beauty. ​Timothy took a deep breath and opened his right hand all the way, he said, “Sammy, will you go to the dance with me?” His tone was nervous. ​

“I would but I’m going with someone else, sorry,” she said. ​“Oh, well I could go with someone different then,” he said. ​

Then just about when Timothy was going to sit down, Sammy said, “But you know, maybe we could hang out at the party after the dance, what do you think Timothy?” ​

“Sure, but how about today instead, after school?” Timothy then added, “Because I’m not going to that party. We could, Sammy, hang out at my house.” ​

“Your place sounds nice,” she said sweetly then giggled. ​What a prince, she thought, he’s almost as cute as Carl, the one who is my dance partner. 

​“So it’s a date?” Timothy said. 

​“Sure,” Sammy said shyly then laughed as she was blushing. ​

Right on! Timothy thought. Maybe I can get her to change her mind and be my dance partner after all! 

​It was a thrilling morning and afternoon at school for both Timothy and Sammy. They both waited expectantly for their date together, which they thought would be splendid. As the day at school went on Timothy gave his address and phone number to Sammy, and she accepted it with joy. ​They studied math, reading, social studies and science and had the homework to plan for a religion test. ​

After school and in the car drive home, Timothy and Sammy told their parents about the date, but they didn’t actually call it a date, just that they were meeting a new friend after school, and to Sammy it was just a school kid, trying to get away without mentioning he was a boy because she knew her father would say no. ​

Then there was a phone call. Sammy’s mom called Timothy’s mom to set up the date at 4:00 pm, that’s when Sammy’s mom discovered her daughter’s new friend was a boy, but Timothy’s mom explained it was just a innocent friendship, then they both laughed quietly about it to end their conversation. ​It was February 10 with a blizzard outside when Sammy arrived at Timothy’s house. His house was across Comstock Park by the river. They pulled up in a red colored car, shiny, it looked to be two years old only, quite new. ​Then there was a short knock on the door followed by a ringing doorbell. 

Sammy was in her pink coat and purple scarf with a warm smile on her face as the door was opened to her. She wanted to get inside, it was freezing! But there was something else that was cold, Sammy didn’t expect it. It was the face of the man that opened the door. He wore a Detroit Lions cap, maybe he was a football fan like herself, she wasn’t sure. ​So…Sammy smiled even harder and even spun around on one foot and by the time she landed on both feet the cold-faced man was smiling warmly with Sammy. ​No one can resist my gapped tooth smile, Sammy thought pleasantly. ​Sammy’s eyes and the man’s eyes stared in unison. He said his name was Roy and asked if she was Timothy’s friend. 

She said yes and asked him a question: ​“Are you Timothy’s dad?” 

​“Well sure I am,” Roy said. ​Then he turned his head and called for Timothy to come downstairs and he let Sammy come in so she wouldn’t have to wait in the cold.​ 

Sammy brushed herself off and stomped her boots to get the snow off while a lady said hi to her. ​“I’m Mary, Timothy’s mom, nice to meet you.” ​

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Sammy.” ​

Then lo and behold Timothy came down the stairs. Timothy saw Sammy speak with his dad. She was asking if Roy was a Lions fan and he said: ​“Not just me, but, my whole family are Detroit Lions fans, even relatives are.” 

​Timothy stepped into their conversation and said, “I’m Lion’s fan too, can I take Sammy upstairs now Dad?” ​

“You have my permission,” Roy said, “but what about your mother?” ​

“Sure, Mary said, “I’ll even bring up cookies and milk later for a nap-time snack.” ​

“That sure sounds yummy Mary,” Sammy said, “and guess what? I’m a football fan too, but of the Green Bay Packers, so we’re rivals.” ​

“Sammy said that so sweetly,” Roy said, “didn’t she honey?” 

​“Yes dear, that was so cute,” Mary said, then she hummed a laugh. ​But Sammy was serious, the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions are bitter rivals indeed. ​

As the two kids walked their way upstairs Timothy talked about how he liked the Green Bay Packers too, that Aaron Rodgers was one of his favorite quarterbacks, but Sammy said: ​“You can’t be a fan of two teams Timothy, you have to pick one.” 

​“Why not?” Timothy said. ​“Suppose they play each other, you have to decide between them then,” Sammy said. ​“But if the Lions don’t make the Super Bowl, I need a new team to root for Sammy,” Timothy said and felt her getting angry, “but I guess you’re right Sammy, I should only have one team, which is the Lions then.” 

​“Well as long as you only root for one team at a time,” she said, “I guess that’s okay to have other teams, Timothy.” 

​“So you see it my way then Sammy?” He said. 

​“Yes, I do now,” she said, “I was just being a little silly.” 

​More stubborn, Timothy thought, but I still like her. ​

Sammy thought I was being silly like my mom, that’s good Timothy corrected me. ​As they reached the top of the staircase, Sammy smiled at Timothy and he grabbed her hand leading her to a room. 

The room he led her to was one of four upstairs rooms across from the bathroom. ​“This is the playroom,” Timothy said, as he opened the door and let go of Sammy’s hand, “the other rooms are mine, Dad’s and mom’s, and the second bathroom.” 

​Timothy walked in with Sammy behind him, then he said, “This is the place where my family plays video games, toys, and especially building blocks.” ​Timothy pointed to a building block dragon on the ground, then he turned around to look at Sammy. 

“Me and my dad play video games, but my mom, she mostly plays on her tablet. 

​“I’m not much of a gamer,” Sammy said, with her hands in her pockets, she wasn’t very excited. ​

“Well if you don’t play video games check out my toys,” Timothy said excitedly, with his right hand open as a gesture to two large tubs. ​Timothy and Sammy walked over to the right-side corner of the room, then they both knelt down together and opened one of the plastic tubs, very excitedly. It had an assortment of toys inside, from soldiers to giants and ninjas, but no dolls or teddy bears that Sammy was hoping for. 

​“Didn’t you say your mom plays with toys, Timothy?” Sammy said as she opened the next tub, “So, shouldn’t you have a stuffed animal or a doll?” ​

“Oh no,” he said, “My mom just plays with my toys, and so does my dad. ​But in the next tub, Sammy found an assortment of toy vehicles and a pink truck she especially liked. She rubbed the wheels on her hand and smiled. “I like this one, Timothy.” 

​“I’m glad you like it, Sammy,” he said, “would you like to play bumper cars?” ​

“What’s that?” She said. 

​“Oh, it’s when we each ram two cars together and the last one standing wins, but the car that tips over loses,” he said. 

​“But what if both cars tip over Timothy?” She said. ​

“Then it’s a tie,” he said, “and also it’s a tie if no cars tip over, so would you like to play?” 

​“Sure,” she said. ​So they played bumper cars, and in the hallway, since the car’s wheels rolled better on solid wood than carpet. 

The game was the best out of three, and Timothy had the advantage because his racer car was lower to the ground than Sammy’s pink truck, and even, since Timothy’s arm was stronger. ​There were no ties, and Timothy won three times straight in a row. Sammy was a little sad to see the pink truck beat up and toppled over three times, so she quit to Timothy’s surprise. He wanted to play longer… ​“So that’s it Sammy, no more?” He said. 

​“No, I’ve had enough, you’re much better at this game than me Timothy, especially with that racer car.” 

​“So what do you want to do now,” he said. 

​“How about we play a game where we’re on the same side, not against each other Timothy?” She said. ​

“Okay, how about we play with building blocks, Sammy?” ​

“Sure,” she said excitedly, “I like building.” ​So they went back into the playroom and sat around the building block dragon while Timothy opened a medium-sized container and brought it with him so they could play. ​

Once Timothy emptied the contents of the tub, they saw the pieces, from building block people, to blocks, wheels and lights, even swords and shields. ​Timothy was excited when Sammy grabbed the princess smiling. 

He said, “Sammy, we can play a story if you want?” 

​Timothy thought, the bible reads, if you have faith and do not doubt, you can say to this mountain, go, throw yourself into the sea, and it will be done, and the bible also says, Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the father for anything in my name, He will give it to you. ​

So while Timothy waited for a response from Sammy he prayed, Father I ask you in Jesus’ name, and I don’t doubt, please give me a dance with Sammy, Amen. ​

“I would love to play a story,” Sammy said, holding the building block princess to her heart sweetly, “but it depends on what kind of story.” ​

“I’m sure you’ll like it, Sammy,” he said, “Because we get to play on the same side and you are the princess.” ​She nodded in a comforting way and said, “That sounds good.” ​

“So here’s how the story goes,” he said in an imaginative voice, “You are the princess as I said and I am the prince, we are engaged to be married, and soon to be wed…” 

​“I like it so far Timothy,” Sammy interrupted his speech. ​Timothy continued, “So we celebrate by riding a flying dragon, then everything goes wrong from there…” ​

There was a knock on the door, and it opened, Mary stepped inside. What she saw was Timothy and Sammy holding a dragon with two building block people sitting on the toy, they were flying the dragon around the room, but then she interrupted, “I have snacks, peanut butter cookies, and milk!” ​

“Oh thanks, mom,” Timothy said, as he placed the dragon on the desk and received the treats while Sammy said: ​“We were having such a good story.” And Mary thought it was the cutest thing in the world. ​Timothy placed the treats on the computer desk next to the dragon while he listened to his mom. ​“Now finish your cookies and milk, you two, and I’ll be right back with pillows and blankets for nap time,” Mary said. ​

So Timothy and Sammy drank and ate their treats while they talked about the story. “So what happens next when we’re riding the flying dragon, Timothy?” Sammy said. 

​“Next, the dragon crashes into the ocean,” he said. Then Mary came back in with the blankets and pillows, she placed them on the floor and said, ​“nap-time.” ​

“Oh no, that sounds awful Timothy,” Sammy said, as she got under the covers and laid down, “how would we ever survive in the ocean?” ​

Then Timothy laid down next to Sammy and said, “wait and see, I’ll show you soon, but first it’s nap time.” So both kids rested comfortably under the blankets and laid their heads on the smooth pillows, and they fell fast asleep. ​


“Wow,” Timothy said, as he woke wide awake with eyes protruding, the wind was zipping around his hair combing it back. “Where am I, could it be, I’m on a flying dragon?” ​Timothy lunged forward to grab the dragon’s neck so he wouldn’t fall over, then he realized he was in a seat with a seat belt on so it was safe.                       

“Help…help,” Timothy loudly heard a cry over the beating wings, “Help…help.” He looked in every direction until he looked behind himself and saw Sammy yelling in a seat just like the one he was strapped to. 

“Calm down,” Timothy said to her, “we’re on a flying dragon just like in our story, remember, you liked flying on a dragon.” ​“That’s true,” she said, “But this is for real, I hate flying in real life!” ​“Sammy relax your nerves,” he said, “We’re supposed to be celebrating our engagement, remember?”

“Right,” she said, and as a sign, she calmed down, Sammy grabbed Timothy’s waist to hold on, she was still scared for her life. 

​“So Timothy…” There was a nervous, fearful tone in her voice, “Do you know how to land a dragon? I’ve had enough, this was nice for a celebration, but, I’ve had enough.” ​

“Okay, okay,” he said and thought, there are no reins or controls to land this dragon. 

​“Hurry, Timothy, we’re running out of land.” And by the time she said that, they were above the deep-blue ocean. 

“​Oh I know, Timothy thought, the dragon must follow voice commands. “Land beast, land,” he said in a commanding voice. 

​The dragon responded, “my name is Gorfeenda, not beast, and I’m not to land here, it’s my duty to fly you across the ocean, we will land on the other side.” ​

“But no! We’ll crash in the ocean,” Sammy said. ​

“She’s right,” Timothy said, turn back before it’s too late.” ​“We shall see,” the dragon roared, “stop your complaining.” 

And with that the dragon flapped its wings harder across the ocean. ​After about an hour Sammy and Timothy began to be confident they would reach the other side, then suddenly…the dragon’s wings stopped… ​“Oh no,” said Gorfeenda, “this is impossible—My wings are weakened—this never happened before—I can’t move them—we’re going down—sorry kids—you were right all along.” 

​“Oh, no!” Sammy said, she felt lighthearted as if she would faint. ​

Timothy tried to comfort her with words, “Sammy calm down, we will be safe, trust me, I know what happens.” ​And before they knew it the dragon was falling. There was a large splash and the dragon was belly-up. ​

Would the kids drown? Gorfeenda thought. Then amazingly the dragon regained some strength in her wings, and flipped top-side-up. ​Oh my, the dragon thought, my wings are still too weak to fly but at least I can move them now, but what about the kids, are they alright? ​Coughing and hacking is what Gorfeenda heard next and a sign the children were still alive. The dragon was well pleased. But then Gorfeenda heard complaining which roused her anger, but she was patient with the kids. ​

Timothy and Sammy both finished coughing and said and agreed if they stayed underwater any longer they would have drowned. ​Sammy felt cold and she was wet. She thought, my princess outfit is soaked, I hope it’s not ruined. If I’m to marry Timothy I better get to know him first. 

​Timothy was shivering but confident. The journey has almost begun, he thought. ​Timothy spoke in a humble voice, “we shall travel due west dragon.” ​

“How did you know I was going west?” Gorfeenda said. 

​“Because I made this story, I know what could and should happen,” Timothy said. 

​“You sound sure of yourself,” the dragon said gravely, “you must be a great magician, my prince, if you can predict the future.” 

​“I’m no magician,” he responded, “this is my story and a dream.” ​

Gorfeenda was in an up-roar at that response, she whacked her tail, stinging it against the tide. The dragon thought, I know he’s lying, I’ll prove he’s a magician one way or another, but in the mean-time I’ll be patient. 

​So the journey began and Gorfeenda turned westward while raising her front two wings as sails and using her back wings to steer. As the three traveled they realized they couldn’t drink the water because it was salty, but at least the dragon caught some fresh fish, however; Sammy and Timothy weren’t comfortable eating raw sea life, but they had no choice, it was two days since they last ate. ​

Timothy talked about the journey ahead and how it relates to the bible. “How the bible says, blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. And it reads, but as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” 

​“But that’s if you don’t repent from your sins,” Sammy said, “and believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as Lord and savior.” ​

Then Timothy continued, “you see, Sammy, this story I made up is all about overcoming sin and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. I learned if you can give up one thing you love for Lent, then you can find the strength and courage to repent from sin as well. 

​Gorfeenda disagreed in silence that this was Timothy’s story, made up, and that it was a dream, however; she agreed you should repent from sin and give something up if that would help, but, the dragon never heard of Jesus Christ before or Lent and was interested. ​

When they first saw land upon the western shores the dragon hoped to be done swimming and Sammy and Timothy hoped for cooked food, but all-in-all, they hoped for something to drink, for they were dying of thirst. And before they knew it the dragon’s toes touched the seafloor and the claws of her left hand dug into the rich soiled bottom. ​Then there was a thump, thump…thump, thump and Timothy and Sammy were rocking up and down to indicate Gorfeenda was walking. 

The dragon was worried something like a crab might bite her feet, but the children were content to be safe from dangers below. ​The kids looked back to see Gorfeenda’s tail free in the air with a playful mood. 

Next, an hour later, since the shallow water was long, they finally reached the shore. ​The kids and the dragon were happy to be free from the sea, so they took a short rest, and as Gorfeenda sat down the children loosed their restraints and climbed down her wing, which was still weak, to reach the ground. ​

Sammy and Timothy stretched out their limbs for being in a seat for so long, and when the dragon stretched out, she looked so majestic standing on her hind legs. ​Sammy was in a very playful mood. Suddenly—she started running, and through Gorfeenda’s legs, then around and around until the dragon lost balance and fell—Sammy was laughing. ​

Then she started running along the shore and Timothy yelled after her, “Sammy come back!” ​But Sammy didn’t get far, for she had on a dress and it allowed little running room. 

When Timothy caught up to her, he knocked her down, then they were both laughing. After this short and playful jaunt, Timothy and Sammy shared a kiss when the dragon arrived, and that was their first smooch. ​Timothy picked up Sammy’s hand, kissed it, then helped her up. The kids were startled when a black shadow came over them, it was the dragon standing more than twenty-feet tall. ​

Timothy looked up to Gorfeenda and said, “we should head off, and find food, water, and shelter.” ​

“Yes,” Sammy said in agreement. ​And the dragon only nodded, holding back her wrath which was one of the seven deadly sins, because the children were fooling around in what she believed was a life or death situation. ​Gorfeenda and Sammy were lost, but, 

Timothy was sure he knew the way, he said, “follow me through this path, it leads to a clearing where we will find what we’re looking for. ​

So they followed Timothy into the wooded path where they were shielded from the March winds for now. The trees arched over covering the top of the path. It was partially dark and gloomy. The dragon had to walk on all fours to avoid being mingled in the trees. 

The group was scared, it was quiet, and you could only hear the footsteps and breathing of the party. ​

“Gorfeenda, make a torch,” Timothy said. ​The dragon nodded in compliance and made a torch with her fire breath. She handed the torch to Timothy who was still leading the party. ​

“We must pass through these woods, it’s our only way of survival,” Timothy said while walking. 

“Our trust in God will be shaken and stirred, we must hold firm and be steadfast Sammy. In the highs and lows of our lives, God tries to get the best out of ourselves, and that is what He expects of us today, nothing but the best. We will face the terror of spiders, catmen, and lionmen, and it will be one of the greatest challenges of this story.” ​

Sammy wasn’t sure of what to think, but she was scared. The dragon was on guard watching the path and the flickering flame of the torch. ​

Thirty-minutes later the party suddenly halted at an eerie voice, it said, “you’re on our territory now and you will be eaten alive.” 

​Sammy started to panic in fear, especially, when two spiders the size of her head slid down from the trees on webbing. ​The spiders appeared behind Timothy, one in front of Sammy, and the other one on the dragon. Gorfeenda quickly shook the spider off then stepped on it, while Sammy was told by Timothy to draw her sword, but she complained it was a ceremonial blade, only, and not made for fighting. ​She drew the sword anyway and stabbed cleanly through the spider with more force than she knew she had. ​

Timothy was proud of Sammy and the dragon, and he was glad he didn’t have to draw his own sword. ​There was only a short resting calm between the party, because, before they knew it more spiders appeared, and so many, and different sizes, either crawling at their feet or zipping down a web, that they had no choice but to run. 

​Sammy felt worse than being on a flying dragon. ​There was a large web blocking their path, so Gorfeenda blew her fire breath at it and it burned. 

The party didn’t have enough time to wait for the fire to burn out, so they ran through the blazing hole it made. ​When Sammy’s dress caught on fire a spider the size of the dragon found the running party. As Timothy stomped-out the flame on the back of Sammy’s dress, Gorfeenda made short work of the enormous spider by spewing a large fireball. ​The spider’s last words were, “You have escaped our territory and survived.” ​

Timothy and Sammy were tired and they could run no longer while the dragon was glad the spiders stopped chasing. ​

They continued their journey walking for the next thirty-five-minutes, and during this course of time they heard hissing and growling sounds. ​“We must be in the catmen territory, but don’t worry, they are afraid of us as much as we are of them.” Timothy said. 

“Next is the lionmen, and Gorfeenda, I have a favor to ask of you, please let us ride on your back for these lionmen are much too dangerous. ​The dragon nodded in agreement. ​“You must run swiftly my friend,” Timothy said. ​

So Gorfeenda laid down and the kids got on her back, in seats, with the order of Sammy first then Timothy last. ​The dragon didn’t waste any more energy and started running right away. 

She ran for a solid forty-minutes, but, there were dangers along the way. Timothy and Sammy drew their swords and whenever a lionman jumped at the dragon, whose scales were too strong to bite through by-the-way, they would swing their blades cutting them off, and there was one stubborn lionman who held onto Gorfeenda’s tail for a whole five-minutes, Timothy had to take off his seat belt and crawl over to knock him off. 

​Then they finally reached their destination which was a safe-zone and a clearing with a log cabin for a house. ​

Sammy couldn’t believe her eyes, “we’re saved,” she said. “Yes!” 

​The dragon immediately laid down and the kids ran toward the smoking chimney and knocked on the door. No one answered the door, but then birds on the roof responded: ​“She’s home, she’s home, the boys are out getting wood, she’s home, she’s home.” ​

Five-minutes later the door opened and a voice said, “boys, is that you?” ​It was a middle-aged woman in a wheelchair, she was missing her legs and she ran her fingers through her brown hair. “Oh my, we have visitors!” She said. “Come in dears, out of the cold wind and tell me what you want.” 

​Timothy and Sammy told her the whole story so far, and that they needed shelter, food, and water. ​

“So you need to reach the city hidden in the clouds called Hidden Gale City with your dragon so you can be wed? My name is Minnie by the way.” 

​“Yes, that is right, and nice to meet you, we are Timothy and Sammy, a prince and princess.” Timothy said, and tried to shake her hand, but she moved away. 

​“Don’t come too close dear, I’m sick and dying.” 

​“Don’t worry,” Timothy said. “I can heal you.” ​Timothy leaned forward and laid hands on her. “In Jesus’ name be healed,” he said. ​The woman started to feel wonderful again and giddy, she was laughing, and her boys coming home could hear her through an open window. A breeze blew open. 

​“This is a sign that follows those who believe in Jesus Christ. In His name they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Timothy said. ​

“I’m healed!” Minnie said, just when her boys came in and a bird was listening and watching the whole time. ​“Who is Jesus Christ?” Minnie said. ​Sammy explained who Jesus Christ is, “that he is part of the Holy Trinity who is the one and true God, and that he came to save souls, and your soul Minnie, and your boys can be saved if you believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as lord and savior. 

​“I believe.” The boys and Minnie spoke as one. ​The bird quickly told the message of what happened, for birds don’t take miracles lightly. 

Gorfeenda who were outside learned what happened and other birds plus people in minutes and the message spread like wildfire all over the kingdoms and even Hidden Gale City which is a floating land. 

​It was a merry cabin with deer meat cooking inside. Minnie and the boys fed the party and gave them drinks of water from the well—and moments later—the dragon spread her wings with joy to find them strong for flying once again. 

Chapter 3 THE WEDDING       ​

“My prince and princess,” Gorfeenda roared, “my wings are healthier and grander than ever before, let us be off, and fly to Hidden Gale City.” ​

“Did you hear that Timothy?” Sammy said sweetly. “Now we can be wed, let’s go my prince.” 

​“Okay my princess!” Timothy said delightfully. ​The dragon roared again as the wind blazed over her wings and the children were seated. 

“Once you two are married then the kingdoms will unite and stop warring for as long as that marriage will last. A time of peace I foresee in our future.” ​

The emerald dragon flew over the clearing while the kids waved bye to Minnie and her boys and they waved back. Blasting north-east and an eight hour flight, Gorfeenda, Timothy, and Sammy flew to Hidden Gale City. ​It was night out now and the torches of the dragon riders could be seen, thousands of them. 

The party landed on a giant rock of land very high in the sky. The landing area had soldiers with torches and trees with lanterns lighting The Way and The Great Stair. 

The Way was a brick road with dragons pulling carriages and passers-by, it led to a very long and steep set of steps called The Great Stair. ​As the party walked along The Way citizens and soldiers cheered for them: Hooray! Our prince and princess are safe, hooray! 

​Sammy told a soldier what happened to them, then he said he would notify the Steward of Hidden Gale City at once. ​Timothy talked along The Way and The Great Stair. He said, “there are still trials ahead for us. Gorfeenda, you did a good job of overcoming wrath by controlling your anger and being patient with us and you overcame sloth by avoiding physical laziness, but, you still have five deadly sins to overcome. 

And Sammy our trial is to preach about Jesus Christ despite who might not like it. ​

When they finally reached the city area by walking along The Way and The Great Stair, they realized they haven’t slept for three days, and a soldier by order of the Steward of Hidden Gale City, led them to a palace where they would have furnished rooms and a royal barn for the dragon to sleep in. 

​After the party slept the Steward of Hidden Gale City greeted them, he said he has rewards for Gorfeenda. ​“There is a feast in your honor Gorfeenda, for saving the children.” ​She agreed to go, but would only eat a little. The dragon overcame gluttony. ​

“Gorfeenda, you are invited to marry a male dragon. ​“Yes,” the dragon agreed and overcame lust by having pure thoughts as dragons can control their minds well. 

She also overcame envy and pride over the other dragons because they were laying eggs without marriage first. ​There are two more things I have to offer you Gorfeenda, one, will you take this large sum of gold as a reward?” The Steward of Hidden Gale City held out his hands with shimmering gold. ​

“No,” the dragon said. “I have enough gold already, give it to charity for me.” 

​Gorfeenda came over the last of the seven deadly sins, greed. ​“Okay, I will,” the Steward said. “And two, will you be the ring bearer for Timothy and Sammy?” 

​“Yes,” the dragon agreed. “I would love to.” ​

Then he turned to Sammy and Timothy. “Will you two join us for lunch outside the palace? It’s Gorfeenda’s feast of honor.” ​

“Yes, of course,” Timothy said and Sammy nodded in agreement. ​

Three hours later the party met inside a large tent, Timothy and Sammy didn’t sit in seats of honor because that was reserved for Gorfeenda. About a hundred people showed up for the feast and they gave cheer to the dragon, they ate pizza with milk and wine, and salad with chicken. ​After the meal the Steward of Hidden Gale City announced Timothy’s and Sammy’s wedding to be at 1:00 in the afternoon outside the palace, two hours from now. ​

The dragon met with Timothy and told him to ride on her back, so he did. Gorfeenda traveled into the city for thirty-minutes, they ended up at a magician’s shop. The dragon told Timothy to get down and take the test, to see if he’s a real magician. So Timothy got down and went inside. 

The test only cost a small amount of gold. He was told to read various tomes and try to cast the spells, from novice to master, but Timothy failed at every attempt. 

​The shop owner told Gorfeenda, who was waiting outside, that Timothy was no Magician and that his ability to predict the future and heal the sick must come from another source, maybe his God. The dragon was astonished and believed his claims about Jesus Christ was true. 

​In an hour and thirty-minutes later the wedding was about to start. ​Timothy was dressed for the wedding and came with the priest and best man who was one of Minnie’s boys, they waited at the altar. ​

The groomsmen and bridesmaids came next in pairs. When Sammy came down the aisle with her father music started, a very calming and cheerful song with piano and stringed instruments. ​

Then Gorfeenda came to the aisle as the ring bearer. ​When the priest started speaking, Timothy, Sammy and Gorfeenda had a change of heart. ​So Gorfeenda laid down and the children quickly sat on her back, in seats, and they flew off knowing they made the right choice, that weddings are not for children, but, the Steward of Hidden Gale City and his royal guard threw fireballs and lightning at Gorfeenda in an attempt to stop their escape, but failed. ​The party was chased by dragon riders, but they wouldn’t dare follow them to Minnie’s house, for that was near the Forbidden Forest where many dangers you know of lie. ​It was the party’s plan to live with Minnie and her boys, while at times, secretly, going on jaunts to various kingdoms to preach about Jesus Christ (which was now more dangerous than ever) and heal the sick. ​In the mean-time Hidden Gale City would try other attempts to make the warring kingdoms have peace, until Sammy and Timothy become eighteen and old enough for a wedding. ​Timothy and Sammy woke up from the dream under blankets and smooth pillows. Nap-time was over. ​

Timothy and Sammy talked about the dream they shared together. “The story went almost exactly as I had planned for the building block toys, except in the end we got married, but in the dream we had a change of heart and we were not married,” he said. 

​“I like this outcome better,” she said, “then we can get married as adults, which is much better.” ​

“I agree with you Sammy,” he said. ​Then they started thinking of marriage in real life, and they bonded. ​

“Timothy,” Sammy said. “Will you come to the class dance with me instead of Carl?” 

​“Sure, I would love to,” Timothy said. 

“How about we dance right now too?” 

​“Okay,” she agreed. ​So they danced in the play room until it was time for Sammy to leave. 

This book consists of spiritual poems, love poems, holiday poems, nature poems, and science fiction poems; in the type of free verse, couplets, tercets, quadruplets, haiku, and the sonnet.

Slumber Nights

The sky was twinkling.

The stars like somber, ever reaching.

Yet sound and light to my ears and eyes.

My bright, bright, light

Don’t ever go out,

Don’t ever die of fright.

Let the light,

Let it shine forth.

Let the somber nights not awake me.

Let not my heart wander no more in fright.

Let my ears and eyes pierce the dimness of the night:

My life, my sorrows,

Let me see the light,

Not shake at night.

Oh God, why are you so far

And yet so near.

Are my senses for fear

Or for You that peers in the set of night?

Oh God, hold me near

And not so far from your sight.

When I awake, don’t forsake my life for strife.

Your so near, yet so far,

Must I crawl to find an unreachable gap between us?

Oh, let it be Jesus, 

Let Him be the gap between us,

Not hell, don’t let us fall under Satan’s spell.

The dark of night,

The light of light,

Shiver me timbers,

And shake off fright,

Satan flee, and don’t come at the stalking night.

I hold Jesus between me and God,

Now my armor is shod!

Twinkling eyes, sulking spies

Flee from the Lord’s eyes

As I slumber at night.


Sky shattering,

Rainbows maddening.

The stars glistening

Through the eve of nightmares

And rushing anguish.

Starlit leaves

Whimper down

Where all is golden

And lay a crown.

A winner arises

Above old man winter.

There rises one sprout,

One leaflet,

And one flower.

Tongue of Flair

Sparks flying through the air.

I see the electricity in my hair.

I see the shock of love today and everywhere.

It is more blessed to give

Than to receive should we live.

I gave little so I suffer while in my chair.

I have all the promises of God.

I have eternal life with Jesus I nod,

But giving tiny amounts isn’t enough while I’m still fair.

But love shocks the broken hearted,

And love takes time to heal the newly charted,

But we must do more than at the wall stare.

Love breathes on you when you’re born.

Love proposes to you when you’re adorn.

So give more than you receive, a love worth to share.

Sparks fly when you’re in love.

Love flirts and gives a little shove,

But cover your mate with love don’t just care.

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

A evil man speaks evil, a good man speaks love. 

The treasure of your heart is what you wear.

So ask God to change your heart

And from evil you will depart.

A heart of gold you have and a tongue of flair.

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